:: loving. living. small. turns 3 ::
a little look at my 2010

have you been having a great 2011 so far? I definitely have been enjoying this year and am looking forward to tons of travel and adventure - that's what this year is about for me. I just returned from Alt Design Summit, a design conference for lifestyle bloggers. I met  many of  my e-friends in person as well as tons of new blogging friends. To me, that's the absolute most rewarding thing about the blogosphere - the amazing new friends and people that I have met - yes! I also can't believe how fast last year went - wowza. 

so on my 3rd blogging birthday, I wanted to review my 2010  by sharing some photos that I snapped. This is not really a small space post but more a look at how I was inspired and a few things that took me from jan to dec - from moving twice, blogging away, continuing to host Blog Out Loud events, launching Sweetline, adopting an incredible puppy to a fabulous mention by InStyle magazine as a BEST OF WEB 2010. a lot of interesting stuff for me.

And a *huge* thank you and love to my family and friends and, of course, to you guys for sending sweet emails, leaving comments, tweets and just reading loving. living. small. it's still very much a personal blog and I've loved sharing my favorite things with you all. 

xo :: rebecca

* * * * * * *

a. happy new year celebrated in san francisco  b. make a move to san francisco c. check out napa valley for my first time d. great friend, abby, joins the trip and e. we enjoy tons of wine and champagne too f. I blog a bit with all of the William-Sonoma brands

a. enjoying san francisco and the city b. c. d. celebrate my birthday in half moon bay and my nephews help me make a cake - vanilla, of course f. speak at world market center on home trends g. my fab new table arrives


a. explore more and more of san francisco b. host blog out loud 5 in san francisco c. travel to los angeles for a shoot d. stay at fave hotel, sunset marquis, for the job and enjoy this amazing burrata & heirloom tomato salad that I had to turn into small space design, of course

a. visit the parents and enjoy a day trip to red rock b. head back up north and check out sonoma this time on a weekend trip c. gorgeous wineries d. one has an olive tasting room - love it! e. fantastic meal at the girl and the fig - this dessert was life changing f. the el doradro hotel was so well designed

 a. back to los angeles for a month-long project and enjoy shopping in my fave stores b. pretty drive back home end of month - love this barn in gilroy c. peonies are in bloom d. my brother makes over his backyard - love the sail cover he creates e. decide to move full time to los angeles and sign a lease on my new fab apartment

a. so insanely happy to be in new york for a long visit - the view from a friend's hotel is amazing b. visit my old hood, soho, and enjoy lunch on my sullivan street c. love checking out the high line, which was built after I left new york in 2005 d. cocktails with friends on a new york summer evening - the best! love the design in the place I am staying - mustard yellow chairs? yes! e. host blog out loud six - so fun! f. back to northern cali for a bit and shoot nesting newbies, meeting tons of new fab friends

a. moving day - I unpack my stuff in my new apartment b. so excited for to be living in biggest small space to date - about 950 square feet c. d. love love love hanging my new lights - a first for me in a rental space e. discover the hipstamatic app, nothing is safe for my photo taking skills f. set up my first home office in it's own space ever and love it g. have a blast shooting the first issue of rue magazine - how crazy fun is this pink bow?

a. get some personalized items for my home, like this sweet embroidery b. hang my d.i.y. headboard that my brother helped me make c. set up my built-in units in my main room and love 'em d. host a fun dinner party with the Apartment Therapy gang e. window shop my way through los angeles

a my little cameo in rue digitally arrives b.  my office is featured on Unplggd - fun! c. host blog out loud seven in los angles at the pretty rose tarlow showroom d. adopt a rescue puppy and change my life forever :) e. it's been raining a ton f. been flea marketing as much as possible, enjoying the inspiration

a. I shoot a very cool event for work and get to work with outstanding in the field - love them b. new amazing puppy loves to sit on these chairs and table and keep me company in my office c. adore magazine features my office in their premiere issue d. tons and tons of inquiries about the rug in my office that is featured in the mag {it's world market} e. home more to hang with new puppy and cook a ton f. g. my sweet readers email me to tell me about my InStyle BEST OF WEB 2010 mention - still can't believe it h. a night at the la phil - my first time at disney hall and so nice

a. b. c. the weather in los angeles is awesome and we've been exploring the city d. I take my first guitar lesson - ever e. f. off to palm springs and a night at the ace hotel - love the lo-fi, laid back style g. had to pop into the parker - full of design inspiration h. puppy lyman joins us in palm springs i. my favorite martini j. doggie cousins meet for the first time at thanksgiving

a. a quick work trip to new york with a fab view from my hotel room b. ice skate in central park on my sunday off c. enjoy my fave meal in new york - egg truffle toast at 'ino d. another fave - sparkle lights in chelsea market that are only up around the winter holidays e. off to san francisco for the rest of my work project and it's foggy and rainy but I took some great shots f. back to los angeles and a warm visit to the rose bowl g. love my stamped silver necklace h. guard doggie by day i. christmas and new years in san francisco j. a double rainbow to welcome 2011 - amazing!



10 Responses to ":: loving. living. small. turns 3 ::
a little look at my 2010


Unknown said... 1/23/2011

Great post!! I'm a new-ish follower, so it's neat to see a recap of 2010 :)

Unknown said... 1/23/2011

Love your blog, amazing photos and I always get ideas from your blog beacuse our space is small too so thanks for your blog, also your dog is very cute.

Tobe @ Two Tall Blondes said... 1/23/2011

what a year for you!! such a great post idea - for you and for your readers both.

thanks for always inspiring --

Anonymous said... 1/23/2011

Thanks for the 2010 recap. I love your blog...I to live in a small place here in Chicago and adopted a rescue dog. Would you please tell me if you know the breed of the dog in the dog bed with your dog (the one on the right)?Mt rescue dog looks exactly like that and the shelter was unsure of her breed. Thank you so much...Peggy...

loving. living. small. said... 1/23/2011

thanks, everyone :) my brother's dog is a border terrier and so cute!

Emily said... 1/23/2011

Happy blogiversary! Love these pictures!

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said... 1/23/2011

Happy anniversary, Sweet Thang! The Bklyn apt owners love ya! :)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said... 1/23/2011

Okay...Let's have a re-do of April 2010! Your invite is hot-of-the-presses...your room awaits in Yountville!

So loved meeting you in person at ALT, and I cannot wait to get to know you more when you visit!

Happy Trois!


Rebecca @ Bee of Design said... 1/25/2011

What a year! Hope this next one is just as good or better!


Lauren- Stamp 48 said... 1/31/2011

Whoa! Dang- now THAT'S a good year. Love your blog. Thanks for writing!

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