small space d.i.y.
create a vintage mirror wall

If you are a small space dweller like me then I am sure you have a few mirrors in your home to open up your space. Mirrors are definitely a best small space accent - they truly can evolve a small room into a more comfortable and fluid space - love that! 

I wrapped up my vacation in Las Vegas over the weekend and visited the very new and very cool, hip and stylin hotel, The Cosmopolitan. When I walked into the hotel, I was instantly immersed in a design experience from the 4-story chandelier surrounding the bar (you have to see this in person - insane) to the mid-century modern designer 3rd floor lounges - also super savvy and cool for a Las Vegas hotel. While big in size, the details made this hotel feel intimate, boutique and relaxed chic - love that! 

One of the shops in the hotel housed tons of beauty products. I love shops like this not just for the beauty and packaging design but for the entire design element. Inside I spotted walls of vintage mirrors adorning the walls. I love this look and think it's a unique way to integrate mirrors into your home in an interesting way. And if vintage isn't your thing, pick up affordable mirrors for under $5 each at a local craft store and a a can of gold spray paint and make your own style.

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a little travel
j. crew's "about a shoe" film in florence, italy inspires

I have been reading tons of blogs and books on Italy as I prep for my summer adventure to Europe. I also have been checking out films that are set in Italy for inspiration. When I came across J. Crew's short about a shoe, I was thrilled to see the Florence backdrop on display as Jenna Lyons and team partner with veteran shoemakers to create the fab lines that ultimately end up being avail in their stores. The short gives a quick glance at culture, style, color and collaboration. I love seeing things "made with love" and feel that way about creating my own small space.

I am sure most of you small space dwellers can relate to editing and curating your small space to make the most of it and keeping things that matter and make you feel good around you - yes! I pulled a few images from the film and added in some color palettes as well (hey, maybe a snapshot of a shoe mood board can become your new bedroom color palette?!). Click here to see the film  (I love that they take time from work to enjoy gelato and a great meal - ahh, Europe) and here for even more small space inspiration - this time inspired by pink flats.

Here's a little more travel |

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small space style via pinterest

hi everyone, I am on a little vacation this week but wanted to share a little small space style with you. Click here to check one of my Pinterest boards that's all about small space inspiration. E-see you soon!


design inspiration
kelly wearstler's vibe trays

my oh my, I just discovered Kelly Wearstler's new blog called My Vibe My Life and love the behind-the-scenes look at her work, culture and style. One thing that immediately caught my eye were her "vibe trays" love that idea, right?! The famed designers creates a tray full of the design vibe she's going after and I love the mix or elements. This definitely would work for your small space too when you are deciding on a color and texture palette. Yes!  

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a few birthday wishes
small space style


5. O pillow  6. Borghese mirror  7. Zebra rug  8. Initial canvas tote  9. Flower of the Month

just a few {small space + fun design} wishes on my birthday...


loving eating small
go vertical and horizontal

I am sure many of you small space dwellers have reinvented the "dining room" by way of your coffee table. In my apartment, I actually have a dining room (I know, right?! A small space dweller's dream) That being said, I personally knew that I wouldn't use my dining room as, well, a dining room. I am not super formal and, at this point in my life, I need a dedicated home office so the 120 square feet of  became just that.

I prefer to entertain in my main room when I have friends over. We sit around the coffee table and enjoy. Since the surface is a bit small, I have to be creative by either going vertical with a tiered stand or horizontal by sharing plates or trays. I use my cutting boards for all different types of food and the rack to stack plates as well. How do you make space in your small space? 


5 ways to completely makeover your small space...for free!

While it's fun to splurge on an item, it's also just as rewarding to create a look or design without spending any money at all. Of course, you'll be spending time but, to me, that's the cool part - creating something for yourself, with yourself. I wanted to share five {financially free} ways to completely make over your small space and, in return, feel good in your space.

*Flip your space
*Hand-drawn layout
*Leaves and flowers
*Create your own art
*Edit {take out and add in}

:: before ::

 :: after ::

My friends and family are all too familiar with my *changing* style. I just love to mix it up and often change, revise and edit my small space. So when after six months of living in my small space, they weren't not surprised to see that I had completely flipped my living room. I realized that if I moved my couch to the window-filled wall that I would have more square footage to use. I kept my built-in units where they were. Best tip - live in your space for a bit and change it up if you are feeling antsy. You can always change it back - give it a shot!

When I moved in last summer, I had created a hand-drawn layout to help me create the flow as I moved my things in. This mini-guide gave me a sense of structure when the boxes and furniture showed up.

I've posted this one before and love it - leaves or fallen flowers from right outside your door can makeover your space, providing fab color + texture.

Almost all of my framed "art" in my space are photos I snapped myself or images from magazines that completely inspired me. I love that when I walk by this shot of my new Christian Louboutin heels, it reminds me of a great night out in LA last summer. Plus I love the look of the tile and mirror. I just did a little photoshop to the images, printed out the photos on my color printer and used a frame that I already had - love!

:: before :: 

:: after ::

Like tip one above, consider editing your space by removing a piece or accent or adding on a piece or accent. I had these zebra ottomans in the main room and, after a while, I just wasn't feeling them anymore. They have since found a new home in my bedroom and my main room feels bigger to me now. And if you don't have a place for your edited item to go, place it in storage or even consider loaning it to a friend who could use it in their own space.

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small style makes a big impact

Don't you *love* these flowers? I absolutely do! I received this cute  + small vase of flowers as a gift from sweet hostess Jaimi {of Fiore Beauty) - who threw a fun and fab birthday for talented wardrobe stylist, Catherine {of The Life Styled} the other day. I wanted to share it with you guys because I think it's a great example of small style making a big impact in a space in both color and emotion. Yes, I feel happy seeing this little guy - love the yarn bow too. I placed it on my kitchen tray and smile every morning when I make my coffee.


currently loving...gourmet sea salt

oh la la - I am all over flavored sea salts these days and, in loving. living. small. style, I've turned these six finishing salts into a fab room. Inspiration really is everywhere. Click here to check out the very soon-to-be launched SALT GENERAL STORE, where you can buy over thirty salts for your dining style, entertaining love, or Sunday morning just-made-eggs-at-home pleasure.

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This amazing C-Table
These tin tiles
Amazing meals in Italy

:: flavors left to right. bolivian rose, spanish rosemary, murray river, kosher white, black lava, aged balsamic ::

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