best small space accent:
chandeliers | lighting

it's been a little while since I've posted one of my fave small space accents and I was super inspired this past weekend during my Sonoma adventure so here we go. Last weekend we stopped into Hotel El Dorado (a neat hotel in Sonoma's main square and across from the delish Girl and the Fig) for some soft-serve with mint sugar + chocolate chocolate cookie (um, yea, this was insane) I was loving all of the simple yet thoughtful modern decor, especially the lighting. The wire + stretch bamboo woven chandeliers were just too cool and looked awesome juxtaposed with the white palette. Lighting is one of the best ways to express style and design in any space - big or small. So use a chandelier or lighting design that makes you feel good and adds style to your home.

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loving eating small
olive oil

Inspired by my weekend trip to Sonoma wine country, I had to share my adventure at The Olive Press, housed inside a gorgeous stone building. Complimentary olive oil tasting (and wine tasting on the other side), we stopped in and enjoyed delicious olive oils ranging with grass, flavors and more. The cool thing was the olive oil bar - pick a bottle for a buck and pour in your olive oil for a buck an ounce. love this! The bottles were so pretty and reminded me of glass collections. Simple accents - like glass objects - really create a cool look in a small space.

nyc + exposed brick walls

I just booked my trip to nyc this June and can't wait! I lived in Soho for three years (a few years ago) and I do miss the energy + creative vibe of Manhattan.  This apt is what inspired this little blog and I while I have a few more square feet then that studio (only 325), I miss that little place. It was a special time. So here's to nyc - see you soon!

have a great + inspiring weekend! I am off to Sonoma to enjoy some wine country and warm weather (it's cold here in SF!)

design inspiration:

:: amazing red rock views ::

:: a little loving. living. small. moment ::

:: tabletop designs in small spaces ::

I spent some lovely time with my family last week and enjoyed a trip to Red Rock in NV. It was - simply stunning! Wow - nature. Seriously people, I spend a lot of time on my computer and really love taking breaks and getting outside! It's super inspiring and gets my design juices flowing. the colors and natural environment were so inspiring and reminded me of this pretty + simple tablescape I had spotted at Tobi Tobin's shop last year. super pretty and easy to do - how great would this look in a small space? perfect! I am also loving the wrapped stacks of books - super cool!

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using your walls:
make your own wall treatment

I received a sweet email from the Associate Editor of At Home in Arkansas the other week, telling me that loving. living. small. was listed in their magazine as a blog to check out. What a nice surprise! I wasn't familiar with the mag and it was very cool of them to include my little blog. They kindly offered to send me a copy and upon getting the mag, I flipped through it to find a lovely spread with a gorgeous wall treatment - circles! Apparently the art director cut out hundreds of circles and pinned them to a wall but it was super worth it!! I love the way this look and know it would be an awesome treatment in a small space. I imaged one accent wall with the circles and, say, a 3 floating shelves? Or a mirror leaning against it? Click here to check out more behind-the-scenes on the photo shoot. I see a small space circle diy my near future!

small space d.i.y.
burlap mats

ok small space dwellers, this is a super easy + affordable + neat do-it-yourself that will freshen up your home. consider recovering your frames and mats with a texture. I am loving these burlap mats with the classic black frame. Just buy a large piece of burlap and glue it to your existing mat. Use an exacto knife to cut around the edges and glue down the rest. 

turquoise + me talking. a lot.

hey lls friends, just wanted to share an interview I did for the cool ladies of HGTV Canada. Abby and I spoke about 2010 home design trends on behalf of AT a few weeks ago and they covered it. apparently I talked a lot in this one :) Click here to check it out.

Have a great weekend!!

small space accents:
glitter + style

my dear friend turned me onto RAB|LABS and, um, yea, wow! I am loving these pieces! It maybe be the glittery style or the contrast of textures but a small accent like the cheese plate or bookends would look incredible in a small space. It's accents like these that have dimension, texture, substance, color - just design. consider finding pieces that are dimensional to add into your home. How pretty would the bookends look on these floating shelves - perhaps holding some neat cookbooks? pretty!

:: kitchen by lifestyle photographer, amy neunsinger ::

i heart living small

 my absolute fave small space book idea + extra inspiration over at i heart living small.

pops of color and flipping houses

I've loved doing the A SMALL CHAT series because as a small space dweller myself, I've picked up tons of inspiration! one of my first interviews was with Robert of Sixx Designs. Becoming a fan the second I flipped through their great book, I love the couples cool style and eclectic vibe and am looking forward to checking out the new show on Bravo premiering next week, 9 on Design. This cool space pictured from one of their flipped spaces inspired this little spring-themed collection of sweet pops of color that would look lovely in a small space.

:: image via Sixx Design ::