Veer is one of my new fave sites.

Veer is an imagery site that provides visual elements for licensing use in professional creative work, such as graphic design, motion design, advertising and filmmaking. Their products include stock photography, illustration, typefaces, and unique merchandise.

Perfect site for gathering inspiration for a wall gallery or to pick your small space color palette. Check out the Summer School slide show (a few pictured above via Veer) with perfect life lessons for all. Oh and I love the blog on the IDEAS" tab called The Skinny.

USING YOUR WALLS: Newspaper gallery

While in Charleston, I came across a fantastic home store, south of market. While enjoying the store's furniture, home decor and accessories, I noticed a gorgeous picture gallery of old Parisian newspapers in floating frames. This would be a wonderful feature on a wall in a small space - again, drawing the eye up to create more depth of space. Check out your local flea markets to find vintage newspapers to create this great look.



One of my daily reads, Desire To Inspire, posted a display of small space rooms that are both stylish and functional.



Loving Urban Outfitter's new Eiffel chair.

Small space tip - Chairs can be used for more then just sitting in. Use a chair to showcase a stack of books on top or place a basket with a throw underneath.



One of my favorite blogs and bloggers in this wonderful community is Erin's Design For Mankind. Aside from being one of the nicest people I have emailed with, Erin's site showcases amazing artwork, design, the incredibly resourceful "Roadmaps" series and a FREE monthly e-zine.

Click HERE to download Erin's 5th free e-zine (as well as 1 - 4). Read about and enjoy inspirational photos and thoughts. 


DESIGN INSPIRATION: Artist Jeremiah Goodman

Flipping through an old Domino magazine, I came across Jeremiah's quite beautiful paintings of interiors and Domino's clever and smart modern day matches. I did a little research and found that..."Jeremiah’s paintings of interiors belong to a genre that had its heyday before the advent of photography. It remains valid today, however, when practiced by an artist who has the skill to imbue his subject matter with an inner vitality the camera cannot express." (Architectural Digest 2/2002)

I feel a sense of harmony viewing his work and it inspires me to create that in my own small space. Even a small accent - a textural or a colorful piece - can create this feel. Draw from Jeremiah's art to create your own.



A Leonidas Cafe just opened on my corner and I love the wood veneer on the bar and cabinets throughout the store. The vertical lines create depth in the space. This would be a great D.I.Y. - looking awesome on a sideboard in a small space.


SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Shades of gray in Carrie Bradshaw's pad

Unique in it's appearance, the color gray is the perfect accent in a small space. Complimenting a warm or cool palette, shades of gray act as anchor.

One great example is Carrie Bradshaw's Upper East side rent-controlled apartment. Love how the production designer used various shades of grey throughout the space to allow moments of color to pop, like all of her amazing shoes, cool frames and rug. (via Design for Mankind HERE)


USING YOUR WALLS: Tee Shirt frames

Another cool gallery idea for using your wall space in a small space is to frame vintage tee shirts. Urban Outfitters Tee Shirt frames can do the trick. I have a ton of old concert tee's that I don't wear anymore and don't want to part with so now I can turn some fun memories into art.



ink & peat, a home + floral site, has such a neat project this year. They are creating custom floral designs in each of the modern homes for Street of Eames, Portland's Modern Home tour. Check out some of the modern homes in the mix (pictured above) for inspiration for your small space.


USING YOUR WALLS: Tall headboard

I like the idea of using a taller headboard in a smaller space. Not only does this element draw the eye up but it creates an "art" feel on the walls (oh, what a great D.I.Y.?) Love the brown/blue color palette and the beautifully designed headboard in this picture.


SPOTTED: Pale blue typewriter

Ever since I found this serene work space (top pic), I have been admiring that lovely pale blue typewriter. What a nice accent for a small space? Plus it's functional if you are into vintage correspondence. (sans computer) Well, lucky for me, I can get one of my own at Three Potato Four (bottom pic). 

BE YOUR OWN INSPIRATION: 365 (photo a day)

Personal photos are a meaningful and inexpensive way to create art in your small space. We have a gallery in our main room of photos that I snapped when I lived in New York. I was thinking of a new idea to switch up the gallery when I came across Hula Seventy's 365 (a photo a day). What an awesome idea and what seems to be incredibly rewarding! Check out my gallery in need of a change (top) and some of the 365 gallery (below).



Here's an example from an old issue of Domino showing how symmetry in design works.

Small spaces really benefit with this look as it really pulls a space together and defines an area.


Smiles all around when I see any Marimekko print. (inspiration via Oh Joy!)

Marimekko, a Finnish textile company, define their brand as "one that represents the desire for modern lifestyle that is in harmony with the natural environment." Marimekko has evolved into concept stores selling apparel, bags and interior decor. What a great place to find some cool accent pieces. Wish there was an LA store - what a fun place to walk around - almost like an art show.

Check out THIS awesome profile in TIME magazine's Design issue '08 about the designers and inspiration behind the Marimekko brand.



We just bought this vintage Mulhauser Mr. Chair lounge/ottoman set circa 1965. Yeah!

SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Address numbers

You can even add stylish details that people will notice on the outside of your small space. Update your apartment door or address number at your home with one of these neat numbers. Home Depot and Lowes offer a ton of these that are affordable and neat.



A friend of mine recently told me about Palihouse, a boutique hotel in LA for the hip business traveler that offers studio, 1 or 2 bdrm lofts about 750 sq ft and up. Forgotten is generic hotel decor, Palihouse is incredibly chic and modern yet inviting - perfect for "feeling like home" on the road. I love the wall of photos behind the couch. What a cool idea for a small space and using your walls!