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make your own tea towels


:: 1. Embroidered 2. Silk Screened 3. Iron Transfer ::

Currently loving...tea towels. Yea, a pretty common item to have in one's home but have you seen how pretty and colorful tea towels can be? From super small details - like Williams-Sonoma Home's embroidered set to silk screened coolness from the gang at House Industries - tea towels can become an affordable and easy way to add color and design to your small space. And the best part - you can create them yourself! Pick up a stack of tea towels from your local craft shop or linens store and use an embroidered pattern, iron transfer (how cute is the one pictured above that you can buy on etsy for $4!) or silk screen kit to create your very own - love this!



3 Responses to "small space d.i.y.
make your own tea towels


Unknown said... 1/13/2011

Fabulous idea!! Loving that last vintage-y iron transfer one!!

Shannon @ Holly & Martin said... 1/14/2011

Loving that I love DIY! Anthropologie was having a sale on them not to long ago!

Anonymous said... 1/14/2011

Super cute! Tea towels are such a great decorative touch.
- xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

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