{El Matador State Beach Mailbu, CA 1.24.09}

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Small Details, Small Plates

I had a fabulous meal this week at Venice hot spot, Gjelina. The decor and food were rustic + simple + amazing. My favorite little detail was the side plate of spices that came with the truffle oil white pizza. i love these little details and look for comprable moments in my home. Small details create a big impact.

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Rethinking Books & Home Decor

I love the idea of incorporating books into home design. Whether it's coordinating your books by color or using the covers as art, after reading your fave stories, include them in your small space design. Click here to check out this neat site that showcases a book cover archive full of color + design that will surely inspire.

SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Vintage Kitchen Items

Storage is always a challenge in small spaces, especially in the kitchen. If there is a particular item that you love then consider showcasing it in your space rather then trying to stuff it behind doors. Loving this vintage corning ware - kitschy + colorful. {photo via jinky marvels}

Stacking Furniture

Loving IKEA's stackable chairs that look cool and allow for chair storage when not in use. It's worth looking around for items like this if you need to conserve space in your small space.


I love flipping through fashion magazines for color inspiration for my home. One of my favorite designers, Loeffler Randall, is stunning, simple, elegant. The Fall/Winter 2008 collection must have influenced me since my new small space mirrors the neutral palettes seen above. Oh la la....

USING YOUR WALLS: Bedroom Before & After

{BEFORE...bare walls don't really help this space.}

{AFTER...the mixed wall gallery draws the eye up and creates texture in the space.}

Here's a great example of how using your walls can create vertical depth and texture in a small space. We do have to say that the AFTER foot stool is a bit too low for this space. The trunk would have worked pretty nice here too. Click here for more before and after ideas from Canadian House & Home.


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DESIGN INSPIRATION: Drawings by Philippe Starck

I enjoy Philippe Starck design and recently spotted some of his lovely drawings showcasing the beginnings of a project. It's always cool to see how a project is created from the beginning so click here to see the design genuis at his work.

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Small Space Solutions for Form + Function

Shelves with clean lines are versatile for storage and showcasing personal objects + look stunning in a space. If you can go floor-to-ceiling in your space, you can make your space feel bigger by creating vertical depth. Click here to visit a wonderful roundup of this idea.

A large, leaning mirror is one of the best ways to open up your space and create the illusion of a much grander area. Classy + chic + simple, this is affordable small space solution works.

Using your vertical space is pretty much part of all of these small space ideas. By floating shelves, say for an office space, then you are drawing the eye up as well as using a smaller foot print.

Love incorporating small details throughout my small space. Create your own vibe that you love by showcasing your own personal objects + wares in small "sections" in your space.

Creating the look of "more space" in your space is the goal. Using your walls to do this is key. Go up in your home and you'll be surprised at how much bigger your space will feel.

I believe a small space should work best for you while it's looking the best it can too. While form is important, the look of your space should reflect your own personality, loves and wants. Here is LOVING. LIVING. SMALL.'s TOP 5 favorite small space solutions for both form + function.

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SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Humbert Throw by Missoni

It's been pretty cold at night here in Sunny LA. In lieu of turning on the heat, I've been cuddling with my favorite throw and it's inspired me to check out other throws out there. My fave "want" right now - the Humbert throw by Missoni. Simply colorful and comfortable. Loving this small space accent.


Here's a good example of how very simple and small accents can create a vibe in a space. Loving how this simple ball of string and stones have added dimension to this showcase space under the stairs. Check out your own showcase space. I often like to add a little personal accent in an unused corner or next to something that is already in place, like a piece of furniture. [Photo via Desire To Inspire]

Rethinking The Use Of Your Furniture

I know a lot of you saavy small space dwellers are most likely already doing this - rethinking the function of your furniture. Just because you buy a bookcase doesn't mean you can't take it a part and make it functional in a different manner!?!

During my half way mark a few weeks ago, I had these 2 IKEA lack bookcases but didn't know what to do with them when I moved. I also knew that I needed a console table behind my floating couch. By simply taking out 2 of the 3 shelves (keeping just the middle one) of each bookcase, laying them on their sides and stacking them, I created a functional and nice looking console/bookcase.

I am so happy with the look and that I was able to be resourceful in my design. My goal for my new home was to really use ALL of my existing furniture and I sure did! (more to come on that goal in a few). Think about how you use your space, what is most important to you and how to be resourceful by reusing existing pieces and you will love your own small space even more!



While this blog is all about tips, resources and inspirations for small spaces, it's foundation is about enjoying your small space. It may sound a bit silly but it's easy to forget to do this while you are enjoying making your small space functional. I've been designing my new space for the last two months and am pretty much done. Although I had some work to do, I definitely made it my home right away by having friends over, enjoying the architecture of the space and relaxing. Your space doesn't have to look "magazine ready" for it to be livable and loveable.


LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. turns 1 today!

{Enjoying a frosting shot via Sprinkles to celebrate one year!}

I began writing LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. one year ago today and am thrilled by all of YOUR support and encouragement. I initially started writing the blog as a place for all of my own small space experiences + inspirations from my notebook and it has grown to a home for you lovely readers, sharing the same small space loving and living. So thank you again for stopping by, saying hello and here's to 2009! xx, rebecca


I recently discovered the work of Brendo-Farrell and really enjoy the use of texture + design, in particular of the River House. One of many projects, this home blends traditional construction incorporating natural textures and elements into the mix. Aside from the serene views, this small home offers much inspiration. Click here to see more of Brendon-Farrell's work.



Today LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. had it's 100,000th visitor!

With my blogoversary just 2 days away (1 year woo hoo!) this is extra special. I started this little blog without any real idea that so many of you shared my same experience with small space living.
Your support and interest has meant a lot to me.

Thanks for all the love and reading LLS!


{all photos by Rebecca Orlov}

Today is an incredibly special day in our history. For me it truly means opportunity and moving forward, taking on goals and dreams. I had snapped all of these pictures just a few weeks ago over xmas. I hope you all enjoy this important and meaningful day.


It's no secret that mirrors expand a space, especially if it can catch natural sunlight. We recently bought a leaning mirror and decided to place it on an angle in the corner and - wow - does this make our space seem huge! The mirror just seems to capture the entire main room and really helps the space feel substantial. If you have a space angle, I highly recommend this small space tip in your home.



I will be here this weekend, tuning out reality and relaxing in the sunshine.

Have an amazing weekend!

PICTURE THIS: Framing Cards

I've posted before about framing cards and other paper goods and had to share these pretty goods from Cartolina. The colors and patterns of these cards are simply stunning and would look amazing framed in a group. Small space accents like these can create an intimate vibe in your small space.



{A pretty interior by Aimee Herring}

{Groups of glass spotted at the Rose Bowl flea market last weekend.}

I love seeing groupings of glass - colored or with texture. This is an easy and affordable decorating idea for your small space. Check out Aimee Herring's pretty photo and my little snapshot from the flea market last week. Love it!

USING YOUR WALLS: Wall of Wardrobes

I love the idea of going vertical in a small space. This design method allows you to create vertical depth in a space. A great example of this is a wall of wardrobes spotted over at Apartment Therapy. This couple needed clothing storage in their small bedroom and used Ikea's Pax system. Although the room is small - it works. If you are going to do this, use the whole wall. You may be surprised at how mich bigger it feels then using just a portion of the wall.

REVISITING....Multi-Tasking Rooms

{Revisiting our kitchen-turned-office in our old small space. By rethinking how to use this space, my boyfriend and I made a lot of room for a dedicated work space that we really needed!}

{We moved the expandable dining table into the rectangular space and defined two living spaces.}

One of my fave small space solutions is to rethink how a room can be used. It's your space and you use it for your own needs. I've spoke before about how it's all about the form + function in your own small space. In our old small space, we turned our small eat-in-kitchen into an office and moved the dining table into our narrow rectangular main room. By rethinking the way the rooms are used, we created 4 defined spaces - a kitchen, a dedicated work space, a dining room and a family room.


A Santa Monica Bungalow via House Beautiful

Loving designer Chad Eisner 900 sq ft bungalow. This home uses tons of small space methods and ideas + an expert eye on using color + texture + scale. For example, Chad used a pair of sofas because "they seat twice as many people as one sofa and two armchairs. And the long horizontal lines also make the room seem bigger." For him, it works and also makes sense. Don't be afraid to use larger scale pieces in a smaller space. Sometimes more small pieces may make the room feel that way. I also like Chad's bedroom. He created an intimate vibe with the blue walls, a cool color that makes the space recede. Plus he created vertical depth by placing a unique chandelier to add great light and draw the eye up. He introduced layering by placing a garden stool under the bedside table. For more pics of this sweetly designed small space, click here. [Photos via House Beautiful]