MAKING ROOM: Home office ideas for a small space

As I have mentioned, rooms are usually used for multiple things when living in a small space. One common room that is recreated within another room is the home office. In a 1-bdrm space, there are many ways to recreate this space that is not only useful but stylish.

In our space, we decided to turn our eat-in-kitchen into an office (pictured at top). We used our wine bar turned kitchen prep table also into an office desk/bookcase. We simply took out the wineracks to create a bookcase. This one piece of furniture offers tons of uses plus it's sleek and compact. Another great bar (and currently on sale) is the Liam Bar at World Market.

Also check out The Container Store's elfa units. Incredibly functional and available in a range of options, make your own office as big or small was you want or need. I also love the idea of creating a home office out of bookshelves. I found this concealed office idea in Martha Stewart Living. Check out instructions to make your own here.



When living in a smaller space, you have think a bit broader and create comfortable living while maximizing and defining your space. One way to do this is by creating a pattern, or multiples of a piece. Also, you can use the piece for different things, side table? coffee table? you decide what you need.

We decided to forego a conventional coffee table since we couldn't find one that fit right in our space. I had spotted these great zebra ottoman stools at World Market and picked up 2 and - viola - a coffee table that is functional (we love using colored trays when dining or cocktailing with friends) and comfortable (prop up your feet on the upholstered cushion).

Inspired multiples of accent tables can be found at CB2 - acrylic - and Lorenzo Brady - wood.


Currently loving...CANVAS.

Canvas has a great texture that adds a cool element to it and depending on the light and time of day in the room - the art work may even change colors on you. Stretched or unstretched canvases are available in a ton of size. They are a great addition to any small space. Don't be afraid to go BIG in your small space! Art work on a larger scale will lend itself to a smaller space, allowing the canvas art to become almost another piece of furniture, rather then just an accent.

There are artistic, interesting prints available at home stores these days, like PotteryBarn "Subway" canvas. I also love that you can customize your own photography to create a canvas transfer. Check out PBTeen for affordable canvas transfers. Create your own one-of-a-kind canvas painting, Aaron Brothers is having their "Buy Any Canvas, Get A Canvas for 1 cent" sale or check out for a gallery of unique work by local artists.

Always have fun with art and change it up every now and then!



I came across this cool hotel, Hotel Fox, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Describing itself as "The World's most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel", Hotel Fox goes beyond the standard lush accommodations and offers serious inspiration, design and art in the form of a room for the night. Since all the rooms are hotel rooms, the space is small but well used. Check out the site to gather tons of inspiration from these livable art installations.

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I can't say enough great things about monogramming!!! Back in style, this is a wonderful way to really make an average accent pop with life and color.

I recently came across designer Carla Lane (Desire to Inspire). She is truly talented and I love her look of clean lines, accent colors/pieces and how she really creating definition in a room. These rooms are not considered "small" but they do showcase small things you can do to your own room. I especially love the monogrammed cushions on the 2 groups of chairs - unique and classy.

Another cool way to personalize your small space is to use wall graffiti. Check out the work at Wonderful Graffiti where you can get your own mongram above your bed or place your own personal quote in the hallway.
I also am loving that the bigger chains - West Elm, PotteryBarn, etc - are offering personal monogramming for free. Again, creates a clean look for any room - in this case, pillowcases.

My favorite has to be Lands End totes - perfect in a small space to hold magazines, books, knickknacks. Get it in any color and size to work in your room - for just under $30!

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COLOR ME MINE: Striped Walls

I love a striped wall - it's whimsical and draws the eye up, making your ceilings feel higher and your small space feel bigger. My inspiration for the striped wall came from designer Todd Oldham (New York Magazine Oct/2003).

(pictured top : bottom) My kitchen '07 and the inspiration.


My #1 small tip - USE MIRRORS. An old trick that creates a sense of depth and space in your small space. Mirrors can hang or can lean against a wall to create reflection and capture light throughout a space. A few small thoughts when using this tip:
  • Hang mirrors at a usable height. Even though the main idea is to create an illusion of more space, the mirror should also be able to be used practically in one's home.
  • Use mirrors in hallway entryways to really open up the space that may typically feel narrow.
  • Place tall leaning mirrors inbetween furniture already placed against the same wall to create a room divider.
Ikea, Design Within Reach and Z Gallerie have some great large leaning mirrors. Also, check out Michaels to find inexpensive smaller mirrors that you can hang and group together to create a larger size.



It all started with the little studio on Sullivan Street between Prince Street and Spring Street in Soho. The 325 sq ft space was perfect (including the NY iconic brick wall) and I've never looked back. Having lived in small spaces for years, I have compiled resourceful and design-friendly ways to make small spaces work. My goal is to offer inspirations about the space you love to live in!