push and pull lamp :: lovely

how cool is this student-designed lamp that's made of wooden slats that are completely movable? yes! whatever your design mood is, you can create an interesting and clever light installation right in our own small space. Check out more here.

:: images via Forrest Jessee ::

loving. living. small. needs your advice
help me pick a fabric to recover this chair

:: UPDATE ::

Ok lls friends, thank you so much for your comments and emails about picking a fabric. after thinking further, I may just have to go for the pricey Missoni since I am slightly obsessed with it!! :) I think this will be a good investment since the chair was such a deal and the labor to recover the chair is not too much $. Which one of these do you like?

ok lls friends, need your help. I am recovering my old plycraft lounger with one of these three fabrics but I'm not sure which one to go with!? The chair's current condition is not so hot and I am looking to update it with a fun and cool design style. Leave a comment and let me know which one of the above you are liking. And to see a recovered lounger, check out this post I did a few days ago.

{love} throw

favorite home decor accent, throws. I love adding throw to my small space for comfort and design style. {love} this one. 

fab new design mag
Nesting Newbies

ok small space dwellers, i have a fab new online mag for you - Nesting Newbies. Launched a few months ago, Nesting Newbies is innovative and informative, we focus on ways to spark your creativity and make you and your home happy…YES! 

I e-flipped through the new Winter issue and loved the featured food sections and the design style - lovely! There are tons of great design ideas featured inside from both a functional and emotional point of view. Loving the Endnotes section and Blue BirdBag sections, too featuring great blog reads and discounted goodies. Check it out here

:: all images from Nesting Newbies/Winter ::

design inspiration:
penny tile mirror side table

If you've been reading loving. living. small. for a while or follow my posts on Apartment Therapy then you know I am all about creating a home that makes you feel good. last April, I posted about the power of design and talked about this very table. (or at least the one that I had spotted at the LA Mart). well, I finally went for it and I'm now the proud owner of my first penny tile inspired accent. and, yes, I am incredibly happy when I see it everyday. do you have pieces in your {small} space that make you feel comfortable and good in your space? share your story below.

creating a {small} office

many of us are working from home these days and creating a functional yet cool office environment is important. when creating your space, remember to create it in a zone. now this doesn't mean that you have to block your work station off in some random area because there happens to be a little extra space there. Instead consider  incorporating  your office into your layout.  do this by doubling your desk. I am loving this desk from Pottery Barn because of it's scale (and it looks nice too) It's big enough to be a desk and I can also see it as a side table to a couch or bed. now you have a dedicated workspace and also a piece to connect your room's layout.

aquarius = turquoise

I was reading my horoscope and apparently I am a turquoise/blue. I have been eying this chaise that is really not my design style but there's something about it. Plus it's a great small space piece. Is this blue chair calling me? i do know this print by Giovanni Garcia-Fenech is coming home to me. It reminds me of my fave Nixon throw. hmmm, more to come.

blog out loud 5
rsvp for the March 4th event in San Francisco

I am excited to announce the details for our 5th Blog Out Loud event on March 4th in my new town - San Francisco!! Blog Out Loud is a free community with offline events for people interested in learning social media and joining the blogosphere.

We have a crazy cool panel for this one with people who both embrace blogging and actually shape our blogging experience!! (hi Blogger, Technorati and Real Girls Media!) We are so thrilled and honored that these knowledgeable and nice people will be sharing their stories and thoughts on blogging and social media with our guests.

all info is listed on the flyer above or check out our site - Blog Out Loud.

rsvp to this free event right here -  lovinglivingsmall@yahoo.com

follow us - @blogoutloud

design inspiration
my childhood home

one of my oldest childhood friends and I recently reconnected on facebook and she sent me a photo of my childhood home. oh how I loved this house! i realized there are design elements that I still enjoy that were inspired by my east coast home. what about you - do you have design inspiration in your home from your childhood?

a little northern california birthday love

I am celebrating my birthday in my new town!!

hope you all have an awesome long weekend!!

:: a little bday update - spent the day in Half Moon Bay and the weather was glorious! what a sweet birthday with the best bday card drawn in the sand for me ::

xx, rebecca

4 best small space tips
in 178 square feet

when I see apartments like Zach Motl's in New York, It makes me wish I was living back in the city AND that I could re-do my tiny 300 square foot Soho studio from 2002. This is a very cool apartment that is functional and well-designed - tons of personality infused into it! There are many small space ideas in here but I wanted to point out three that I love - using the walls, layering furniture, defining zones and painting! Check out your own small space to see if it's working the best it can for you.

:: enjoy the full article and slide show from the NY Times right here ::

small {parking} spaces for people to hang out

:: Yatzer's hipsters hanging out ::

 :: loving. living. small's "parking space" ::

one of my favorite new sites is Yatzer, full of amazing design, interesting content and cool art ideas. this site seems to break the mold a bit of design sites. one of the posts that caught my eye was an art installation with the idea that people would have dedicated parking spaces, so to speak. If I had my own space, I would definitely have some string lights, a cozy lounger and a portable fireplace on a cream shag rug. oh, and some Veuve Clicquot and chocolate covered strawberries. (aww, fab outdoor living!!)

How would you design your parking space?

best small space accent:
acrylic decor

time for another best small space accent (really, there are tons of them!) and this one is all about acrylic! Nope, not the cheesy 80s style, these acrylic furniture and decor items are perfect for all small space dwellers. Biggest reason? The clear pieces allows the eye to keep moving and, therefore, the space feels bigger even though there it's filled with items. I love an acrylic console table and nesting tables but I hadn't seen an acrylic ridling rack or rolling side table until I put this post together - very cool! And these pieces have a timeless quality, keep updating with modern and stylish accents.

Check out more picks for BEST SMALL SPACE ACCENT right here.

small space accent:
modern knit

:: Modern knit interpreted through Ferm Living, Flocks and West Elm ::

I am loving the modern craft look and we actually showcased it as a trend for 2010. now I don't believe in the word trend. We actually talked about that quite a bit last week. I do believe in the idea that some design ideas become more popular or highlighted than others but the most design styles are always around so don't worry if you have it or it's over - it's not. If you love it in your space, it's timeless. To me, knit items are totally timeless and perfect for every small space. Amazing texture + style, knit has more recently been interpreted to items like ottomans, office decor and more. Gone are the days of grandma's throw (although my grandmother did knit back in the day and I am so very lucky to have a hand-knit throw from her!!), today you can expect to see every aspect of the the home taking part in knit design.

loving. living. small.'s having a garage sale

hello lls friends! I recently moved up to San Francisco and I am selling some pieces. Everything is in great condition, I just am editing a bit, as small space dwellers need to do from time to time. All the info is listed in the photos and below. If you live in Northern California and are interested in any of these items, please send me a note at lovinglivingsmall@yahoo.com. xx, rebecca

  • 20''D x 70''W x 38''H
  • For Sale: $850  
  • (bought for $1099 + tax)


Floor Mirror  
  • 5 ft H x 1.5 ft W
  • For Sale: $80 
  • (bought for $150 + tax)

Jennifer Convertibles Taupe/Olive Sofabed   (only 6 mo old)
  • Length: 73"    Depth: 35"   Height: 36"
  • For Sale: $450 
  • (bought for $900 + tax)

Cost Plus Zebra Ottomans 
  • 18"W x 18"D x 18"H 
  • For Sale: $65 each 
  • (bought for $80 + tax each)

Vintage Danish Charis and Marble Table set  
  • For Sale:$250
  • (bought for $400)

efla Desk Unit with 2 desktops 
  • (basically this unit but in the wood veneer)
  • For Sale: $400
  • (bought for $700 + tax)

Desk chair  
  • For Sale: $50  
  • (bought for $100 + tax)

a small chat:
Kelly of High Street Market

 ::  just a few fab things to be found in the High Street Market shop  ::

I am happy to share the first A SMALL CHAT interview of 2010 with you guys and it's a good one so get ready! I had the pleasure of e-meeting the lovely Kelly, owner of High Street Market, an insanely gorgeous and popular vintage goods shop on Etsy and blog of the same name. A longtime interior designer, Kelly's taste is amazing and she really carries gems in her online shop, perfect for anyone's style.  She fearlessly moved into a brand new old home (a 117 year old historic foursquare pictured above) recently and took some time to answer a few questions. Enjoy Kelly's thoughts on design, small spaces and life. {Thanks, Kelly!!}

Your popular Etsy shop, High Street Market, is full of vintage gems and finds. You mention on your blog that vintage items can "bring a sense of personality and interest to your home unlike any other "new" accessory can." (I love that thought!) How do you go about buying for your shop?
I only buy what I like, and it's usually aesthetic that drives my purchases.  But generally, I search for items that have great detail, a classical theme, or some sort of interesting aspect to them.  Quality is extremely important to me.  I look for pressed or blown glass, beautiful porcelain, brass, silver, or marble.  And, I love finding vintage items that can be used in a modern way.  For example, a fancy brass napkin holder looks awesome in an office holding cards, photos, or mail.  Or, an ornately carved footstool can be reupholstered with a fresh modern fabric... For me, it's all about mixing the "old" into modern living.

Share some rewards that adding items - like the products featured in your shop - can bring to one's small space.
I think that people are craving character in their home accessories.  Like me, they want something that is unique and made of great quality-- not the same thing that their friend just bought at a retail store.  Everyone wants to have their own sense of style and, to me, vintage items help express that in a better way.   And, a tiny item can bring a BIG impact-- especially in a small space!  For example, some of my favorite things to collect for the shop are vintage brass animals.  They are quirky and unique, and really make a statement on a stack of books or sitting on a bedside table.

You are also an interior designer. What are your best tips for making over one's small space? It's a new year, new decade and many small space dwellers may want a new look in their existing space.
In a small space, limit the contrast in colors!  Concentrate color in select areas, while keeping a more consistent color palette throughout.  With a more monochromatic room, your eye travels around the space more freely and ultimately makes the room feel bigger.  I also love using furniture with high legs to trick your eye into believing you have a larger space.  A coffee table or side chair will appear elevated even if it's only a few inches higher than average...  it feels less blocky and more open, again, making the space feel bigger.

What are your suggestions on mixing vintage finds with more contemporary decor?
To me, it's all about mixing modern with vintage.  In my opinion, too much vintage can look a little creepy... like you've stepped back in time.  You want your space to feel fresh, unique, and comfortable for modern living.  I would stick to buying furniture with clean lines and simple shapes... and then mix in an antique chair, a collection of vintage brass elephants, or a marble lamp for interest.  It's all about editing and mixing the vintage items that you really love, with the modern objects you use everyday.

You have so many pieces I want!! What are your thoughts on having a lot of decor and accents in a small space without feeling cluttered? 
Edit!  Edit your tchotchkes and keep collections together to create the greatest impact!  If you collect ironstone, give it a shelf and display it.  Collections should be displayed together for the most cohesive, clean and modern look.   And, I hate to say this, but if you have a small space, limit your collections.  We don't have to have a collection displayed on every single surface of your apartment.  Pick a few things that you like and stick to them.  With only a few collections, the pieces really have room to shine.

Want to read more great interviews? Click here to see all of the A SMALL CHAT series. 

the cutting garden at flora grubb gardens
the perfect small space accent

One of the rewards for writing for Apartment Therapy for the last 1.5 years has been meeting such talented and sweet writers! Aside from the LA gang, I've met a bunch of writers in other cities, including Susie who posts for San Francisco (my new town!)

I wanted to share her fab new business, The Cutting Garden at Flora Grubb Gardens. As you guys know, flowers are one of my best small space accents since they add color and texture (and of course they are pretty!!) to a room. The Cutting Garden offers locally grown, garden-style flower designs for homes, businesses, and occasions. Love this! Also, their web shop is full of innovative and just cool green ideas, like a vertical garden (pictured). Click here to check out the Flora Grubb site. And Valentine's Day is just around the corner!!