more tray ideas for small spaces
cutting boards

I recently posted this tray idea for pulling your small items together and wanted to share another easy one - cutting boards.  I often use my items for more that their intended uses - and cutting boards are one of the best to use. I've use one as a tray in my kitchen for my salts and oils. And another slate cutting board in my main room for my design accents. I love simple ways to reuse what you own to make a design impact. Perfect!



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cutting boards


Tobe @ Two Tall Blondes said... 1/14/2011

totally do this, and i love the look! it's a fabulous way to display some of our favorite and most-used kitchen items (mugs, salt+pepper shakers, sugar dish, etc).

happy friday!

EFT for Cancer said... 1/16/2011

I love the tray idea! It makes my condiments more organized than before!

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