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Amazing Response!


I am overwhelmed with the wonderful response for the Blog Out Loud event this Thursday!!! Many of you lovely readers are attending and we have lots in store. Aside from the fab panel and great dialogue, we are giving away 2 amazing door prizes, including a design consultation with super talented designer, Kelly Van Patter and a vintage print donated by Vanessa De Vargas. {thanks, ladies!!!} We also have 50 goody bags to give away at the door that include gifts from ferm living, Urbanic and Patio Culture. Oh la la!!!

I must thank the following lovelies for sweet mentions of the upcoming event.

Franki of Life in a Venti Cup

Cassie of Coco + Kelley

Apartment Therapy

Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane

Richele Silva of Richie Designs

Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise

Audrey Woollen of Urbanic Paper

Kelly Van Patter of Kelly Green Design

Christiana Coop of ferm living

Karla Stevens of Patio Culture

Kim Valle of On The Web with Kim Valle

Jessica of Black White Yellow

and lovely co-founder, Megan of Beach Bungalow 8

For more info on the event, click here.

And check out the Blog Out Loud blog right here.

xo and have a great weekend!!!

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The splash page of Diane Bergeron's interior design site is super fun and inspiring. Just move your magnifying glass over the mood board to get up close and personal on some imagery that inspires Diane.
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Consider Using Colorful Wool

{loving the floral arrangement! I can see where she gets her inspiration!}

These *fab* wool covered stools were covered on AT a few weeks ago by fellow writer, Beth. You have to check out Ingrid's work - seriously lovely! These stools would be a great addition to a small space, providing great color pops and texture. When choosing items for you small space, be thoughtful about the function and form. Since *we* small space dwellers can only have so much going on in our space, we need to consider the use. I've considered this stool and must. get. one. now.

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Cream & Sugar Flowers

lovinglivingsmall1{enjoy the display first...}

{...and a cup of joe later}

Oh la la...this simple and pretty floral arrangement is an eye-catcher and functional all the same. {via Rose and Radish} As I have mentioned before, small details really can make a big impact and this cream & sugar display will definitely do the job. Plus it's a sweet little double as for a small space.

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Big Pieces In Small Spaces Pt 2

{Loving this overscale piece at Weego Home}

Small space lovers don't forget that big pieces *really* can work in a small space. yes, *really*. Ok so not all of your pieces should be overscale. Pick a piece and really create a focal point and impact, creating visul depth and dimension. I love this small space DIY! It's a fab way to create size and scale while introducing color and intimate style all around. Get a large piece of plywood or even foam core and wall paper it. Make a border with moldings picked up at a home or craft store and hang some mirrors. Viola!

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Rediscovering Inspiration Through My Inspiration Notebook

Yea, I am. Maybe it's the black white contrast - but in the more organic vibe then Hollywood Regency vibe? Either way, I was flipping through my Inspiration Notebook (which I still use and still do even though loving. living. small. has ultimately become my virtual Inspiration Notebook.) and re-spotted this fave room makeover via domino. Love this movie and love this room! Oh la la!

If you have old magazine tears, scraps of design love and sheets of old catalogues, take a weekend and make an Inspiration Notebook. A few hours of time will last years. Having imagery and style that *simply* inspires you all in one place is an amazing thing to have at your fingertips!

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Banquette Seating For Small Spaces

I *really* love the idea of banquette seating for a small space. Functional, stylish and fab, consider this idea for your space. Loving this example via oldie and goodie domino. {via Diane Bergeron}
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Textile Books Offer Home Inspiration

Over and Over by Mike Perry
Art Deco Textiles by Alian Rene-Hardy
1960s Fashion Print by Marnie Fogg
Textiles Now by Drusilla Cole

Recently I've been enjoying textile books and find them to offer some *serious* design inspiration. There are some incredible color combinations (eggplant and pink - why not?) and also dynamic themes. If you are looking for a burst of color in your small space, definitely check out any or all of these. Fun!
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I've been chatting a bit (ok a lot) lately about the Blog Out Loud event in just a few short weeks. I am excited about the event and can't wait to meet and hang with all you creative people out looking to add little blog love to their worlds.

Blog Out Loud
Thursday, June 4th 7:30pm - 9pm (or longer)
Patio Culture in Venice, CA with fab prettiness from Floral Art
RSVP here
Check out the blog here

The event is FREE with some *seriously* sweet bloggers on the panel. Have a glass of wine (I am sure I'll be have 1, 4, 6 glasses as my nervous self gets up on the panel), meet some creative people, learn about blogging and also pick up a really fab "goody bag" with some creative goods inside.

Click here for all the event details or visit

Have a fab weekend!


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Vintage Accents Give Fresh Style

I am loving these (small) vintage coffee decanters and carafes. Sweet, small and a fab small space accent. {via Trampoline} LinkWithin Related Stories Widget for Blogs

Framing Wallpaper Pt 2

I often talk about using your walls to add visual depth to your small space. If you don't feel like hanging up personal photos, consider framing wallpaper swatches. Loving the look of this very elegant wall of framed patterns. {via Minimoderns}

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via Happy Mundane, a Blog Out Loud Panelist

Love checking in on design blogger, Jonathan, over at Happy Mundane. His blog is full of whimsy and makes me smile. I spotted his new Egg Chair and can just feel his excitement! (I am excited for him and I haven't even seen his space!) If you have an outdoor space, forget the folding chair and go big in your small space. This Egg Chair is simply *lovely*!

Check out Happy Mundane here and come visit Jonathan and the rest of us little bloggers at the Blog Out Loud event on June 4th at Patio Culture.
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Connecting Through Creative Blogging

I am thrilled to announce a new little venture that the lovely Megan of Beach Bungalow 8 and I have put together called...

We are hosting our first event with a panel of 5 fab bloggers who will be sharing their own experiences via a little Q & A with the audience. The event is free and open to anyone who is looking to learn about creative blogging, support for starting or maintaining a creative blog to compliment their company and overall inspiration for connecting to this amazing community.

The 1st Blog Out Loud event is Thursday, June 4th from 7:30pm - 9pm at the very lovely Patio Culture on Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA.
Click here to learn more about the event and here to learn about the panel.

For more info, email

And please check out the bloggers joining the panel:

Megan Arquette of Beach Bungalow 8

Richele Silva of Richie Design

Audry Woollen of Parcel Post

Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane

and me :)

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Menu Mini Magma Stone Tealights

Now that's a name - Menu Mini Magma Stone Tealights are tiny accents that will definitely stand out in your small space. The contrast of colors is fab!
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Use The Corners Of Your Space

{The owner balances the space with tons of seating for his guests.}

{The mirror placed on the wall expands the space, making it appear larger then it is.}

{Great use of this fab 600 sq ft terrace.}

{Loving these built in bookshelves using the corner of the room. Also loving the slate gray wall color.}

I love this New York apartment, sitting just 860 sq feet and full of rich color and texture. One of my favorite small space solutions that the owner created was the corner bookshelves. Often taking up space, this creative use of book storage is visually appealing and super functional. Well done! Check out the full article featured in Metropolitan Home magazine.
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Groups of Four

Consider grouping small items in your small space to create a visual impact. I love the idea of collections - they create balance and small space style.
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A Pretty Flower Display For Under $20

I love the impact of a single flower in a small space. Aside from a fab color and texture opportunity, it's affordable and easy to do. My fave look - a long glass cylinder vase and an orchid. Pick up a vase at a local craft store like Michael's for under $10, head over to Trader Joe's or Home Depot and pick out a pretty orchid for under $10 and place stones, rocks, glass pieces or shells at the bottom to finish up the look. Love it!
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Abito's Pods Are Intelligent Living Spaces

I spotted these very cool and very small apartment pods called abito, intelligent living spaces. The idea is that young professionals should be able to jump into the housing market as well - big or small. Chock full of amenities and small space solutions including a murphy bed, clever hidden storage and thoughtful space planning (see the neat balcony addition on every pod), the concept is clean + modern + accessible. Click here to see more, including a fun 360 of a pod.
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Rad Cardboard Ring Frames

Feeling crafty in your small space this weekend? Check this rad project via Photojojo. Resourceful, affordable and fab, create photo ring frames by way of cardboard rolls hanging around your house. It's a great way to add texture and style . Click here to get the details.
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