Happy Labor Day!

Thankfully, we are not doing these things together - who knows what bed we'd end up with if we did?? Our dire need for a new mattress couldn't have come at a better time!!! We are using Day 1 of our holiday weekend to take advantage of the Labor Day mattress sales to (finally) buy a new bed. Days 2 & 3 will be spent in Santa Barbara to enjoy the beautiful city and enjoy some winetasting.

More to come on our experience in mattress land (figuratively) and show you how our new king-sized bed looks in our small space. I am definitely going to be doing a USING YOUR WALLS headboard DIY soon. Maybe something like this or this.

Happy Labor Day weekend and see you on Tuesday!

USING YOR WALLS: Placing frames around a corner

I spotted this picture over at Desire To Inspire and thought it was a very interesting and cool way to showcase an art gallery in a small space. Aside from the this being a unique idea, the continuous gallery draws the eye throughout the space.


I LOVE...Acrylic Side Tables pt. 2

I have posted before about the idea of using the very cool acrylic side table in your small space. Maybe it's how the clear and clean lines appear to float next to a structured piece like a sofa or bed? Here's another lovely look at how this idea works in any space. (via Stacy Bass Photography)


SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Slipcover makeover

Many of us refer to IKEA for small space furniture and home decor options. Their awesome selection of comfy and affordable couches work well in tight quarters. Although they have added to their fabric options, you may just need a specific color for your palette. In this case, check out BEMZ, a company out of Sweden that makes custom slipcovers in whatever color you want or need. Plus they cover every couch available in the IKEA catalog. Love that!



Although they are large in overall scale, canopy beds really work in a small space. Larger scale pieces have a place in a small space. (via Living Etc.)


I LOVE....Sun & Moon Solar Powered Jars by Tobias Wong

Because why not? (via Inhabitat)

USING YOUR WALLS: Color Block Wall Treatment

I've been doing quite a few USING YOUR WALLS posts lately and here's another neat idea - color block your walls. This fun treatment would look great in your smallest space, like a bathroom. This could work as one accent wall in a larger space, like a kitchen. The multiple colors really add dimension to a space.


USING YOUR WALLS: Horizontal Art Gallery

This is a great example of how to use your walls both horizontally and vertically. The clean lines and shallow depth of the silver shelves perfectly house the frames without making them feel "too much" in the space. I would even have kept the frames the same color to draw the eye up and over. This ideas hits the mark on maximizing wall space in a great way for small spaces. (Image via Shaver/Melahn)


USING YOUR WALLS: Color Samples As Art

I love this idea of using paint samples in different colors and hues to create wall art. Very inexpensive (free!!!) and you can make this piece as big or as small as you prefer. I think using thin push pins against a piece of black or white particle board would look awesome!



As I flipped through the new Pottery Barn catalogue, I noticed this interesting use of books - stacked to create a functional coffee table. If you have no space in your small space for a bookcase, this could be a unique way to multi-task your decor.



Wood burl bowls are a great accent for a small space. Their small size and dual function of detailed accent meets storage place, simply work in any small room. Although you can purchase these pretty bowls at mainstream stores like Anthropolgie or Z Gallerie, each one is unique in look and feel.


SMALL SPACE D.I.Y.: Make Your Own Screen Posters

I've been wanting to take a silk screening class and will have more time this Fall. In the meantime, I think I'll check out this very cool screen printing kit that teaches you quick tips to silkscreen your very own shirts and/or posters. This is another neat DIY art idea for your small space. (via Urban Outfitters)



Using mirrors in your space is a great way to create reflection and depth. Loving this new copper hammered mirror via West Elm. The hammered style on the border is a neat little accent to add to your space.


Small Barn-Style House

I spotted this adorable barn-style house in San Diego last weekend and was immediately captured by its charm and size. I would love to own a home like this and create a modern-meets-rustic feel inside. day.



I love any piece of furniture that is functional enough to be used in more then one way. Check out the CB2 Sidecar High Dining table - part dining table and part bar or part bookcase or part desk. This sleek and cool table is slender to fit in a smaller space and as functional as it is stylish. Love that!



Adding dimensional texture to a small space simply creates depth to your space. There are the more obvious places - walls, headboard, artwork - but what about your furniture? Check out these neat and quite stunning furniture pieces with gorgeous patterned, stenciled leather by Helen Amy Murray. Helen's inspiration - nature and form. (via Oh Joy)



Niche Modern revealed these beautifully designed blown glass pendants at ICFF in May and I love them for a small space. They are simple yet impactful in design - a perfect addition for your home.


25 Design Books To Add To Your Collection

I recently did a post for Apartment Therapy about 25 informative and resourceful design books that would be a wonderful addition to your book collection. Each book I picked was relevant to small space living and I wanted to share them with you. My faves - Living Large in Small Spaces and Small Spaces: Making The Most Of The Space You Have. Click here to check out the entire collection.

USING YOUR WALLS: Room-length headboard

This tufted room length headboard is an interesting way to create a focal point for your bed while adding texture and depth to your space. I have never really seen this before and think it's an awesome DIY in a small space. Simply customize the color palette with some pretty fabric. (Image via BNO Designs)


A FAVE SITE: Dwell Studio

Dwell Studio is a wonderful textiles company that designs modern bedding and decor for the home. While The Dwell Studio lines can be found in hip boutiques around the country, I enjoy the look of their site. It's simple and chic and appeals to the design aesthetic I like. Click here to check out Dwell Studio.


I love these needlepoint ottomans from Anthropologie! The detailed knit cushion mixed with the rustic painted base can work in any style small space.



I love keeping a special place in my small space for mail, keys, etc. It's an easy way to stay clutter-free and I never lose my mind looking for lost things. Check out these neat organizers via Kim Valle.

Layering Furniture

For all of us small space dwellers out there, it's always a challenge to create a floor plan that can really maximize our space. My advice - layer your furniture.

Try putting 2 chairs on an angle in front of your entertainment or wall unit.This way you are using that "wall" for dual purposes and creating depth in your space. I suggest using matching chairs in fabric and structure. Use accents like pillows or a pretty side table to add color. Check out the floor plan above that I snapped at William Sonoma Home that shows this idea. I love how the chairs have accent pillow that match the opposite couch another great way to tie in the color palette of the room.

Place a table in front of a bookcase to create a stylish and very functional idea for bedroom storage. I've posted this idea before and think it's a great way to use your space. (Image via Home Magazine)

If you have a wall of books, you can place your couch in front of the space. The couch will anchor that side of the room and become the center of the focal point of the room. (Image via Thom Filcia)