Announcing...Sweetline Agency
my new online brand project management company

hi lls friends!

I wanted to share with you the news of my new company that recently opened it's digital doors, Sweetline Agency, an online brand project management company.

Sweetline virtually helps creative companies with establishing, defining and evolving their full online presences. This includes website content development, social media 101 and website and community design, build and launch.

If you are a small business owner then you know how incredible yet busy it can be. Many small companies haven't been able to really invest in their own online presence since working with clients and managing the day-to-day life of a company takes time and there are simply not enough hours in the day sometimes.

2010 is definitely the year for you if this is your type of company. It's time to invest in your biggest client - your own brand! That's where I hope to come in. I definitely get it from a brand, time, and creative perspective with a decade-long career in advertising. I can help you in a way that is creative, affordable, accessible and all that good stuff. I am pleased to offer a 15% discount on all new clients.

Click here to check out the brand new Sweetline site and here to read our blog. Interested in being on the Sweetline blog? Check it out here and send me a note about your online presence at

Join the Sweetline community @sweetlineagency.

Looking forward to chatting with you and getting you up and running online!

xo, rebecca

free and renter-friendly wall art for small space dwellers

when I attended this event last week, I spotted a neat display on the showroom floor for the very new collaboration with west elm/Patch NYC. (seriously - great stuff!) I also loved the small space inspiration - using {free} wood pallets to create a background for your art collection - yes! I always see wood pallets, ready to be thrown away and often wonder how I could use them best in my small space. I think I found the answer. Since using your walls is one of my best small space solutions, adding some love to the style of your gallery will provide further texture and creative interest in your space.

cooking in a small kitchen
clean as you go

ok so last night I cooked a fab meal on the grill w my family and decided that I wanted to get all Top Chef-ed out and created my version of an amuse bouche. with parts of the asparagus that we didn't grill, we made a creamy asparagus soup with a dollop of sour cream with a rosemary and garlic potato chip! my brother actually has rosemary shrubs in his front yard and we just went outside and grabbed some delish herbs for our meal. cooking in the kitchen was great! there not so big yet not super small space was kept in shape by cleaning as we went. really - this made such a difference and I highly recommend it!and those rosemary chips - oh la la!! you must try making some yourself! (and don't forget the butter :)

small space accents:
spotted everywhere :: wood tabletop accents


I've been spotting wood tabletop accents everywhere - have you? my favorite - coasters or platters that add an organic vibe to a small space. i love pairing textures and the wood and glass look lovely together. 

create a {small space} color story

:: the farmer's market at the Ferry Building was full of colorful and vibrant flowers! ::

:: this white ranunculus really appealed to me - pretty! ::

so yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a Benjamin Moore/West Elm 2010 color forecasting event for Williams-Sonoma's Designer Marketplace and learned a ton about color stories and design style. I love that term - color story - because it's so true! Integrating certain colors into your small space will truly create a vibe, an energy and feeling. One color story that resonated with me was WHITE! Yes, white and gray or white and pink. There's something clean, fresh, modern and soft all wrapped in one when it comes to white. When you are decorating your space - think about your own color story and how you feel in your home.

my new gig in my new town
Writer for Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace

:: here are 3 of my features ::

hello lls friends!! have some exciting news I've been waiting a little to share with you guys. I am writing for a brand-spankin new Williams-Sonoma website called Designer Marketplace! Every Tues and Thur you can check out short features by me in the Inside Our Studios section about all of the WSI brands, including product features, interviews with the incredible designers, behind-the-scenes inspiration, events, happenings and more!

While the site is geared towards designers (are you one??? go sign up for this program right here and shop for your clients at discounted rates), any design lover can enjoy the content. I am thrilled to be part of this neat site and as a WSI fan (I remember getting the West Elm catalogs when they first came out and didn't have a store or site), this is such a great opportunity! Click here to check out the site that launched yesterday. Hope to see you guys over on WSI Designer Marketplace!

modernizing classic glass

the cute lunch spot across the street from where I am working in san francisco has a great combination of textures, my all time fave small space vibe. cool woods, black iron, glass and marble - there's a lot going on and it works. I really enjoy their chandeliers - classic glass with a tinted vinyl shade - very cool! it's neat that such a simple addition to the glass chandelier turned them from formal to modern. consider trying mixing ideas like this in your small space.

another great plate inspires small space tips

I know I keep sharing food with you guys but I seriously had the best burrata and heirloom tomato salad that was so pretty, I snapped a photo. aside from how good it was, the orange, yellow, green and browns looked so neat together. this photo of a lovely work space has the color palette plus one of my fave small space tips - using your walls. lovely! :)

:: work space photo by angie cao ::

use it + store it
cocktail inspiration

I love the idea of form + function in a small space and any furniture piece that looks as good as it works is good to me! a recent sangria cocktail inspired this storage pick - a fermosa orange butler tray - that looks chic and folds up for easy storage when not in use. also perfect to place a cocktail on :)

still loving coral

I am working in los angeles this week and am still inspired by corals!! This time mixed with gold inspired by the pretty sunsets. {I snapped this photo the other night} Hope you are having a great week!!

fab new blogs to heart ::
additions to the loving. living. small. blogroll

:: nesting newbies ::

:: destined to design ::

:: the drifter and the gypsy ::

:: sweet fine day ::

:: yatzer ::

ok so here's the real deal, I am obsessed with my blogroll! ok, not the literal roll but the incredible blogs listed on it! and not because I think they are great but because I think they are great and I enjoy them, I am inspired by them and I happily follow them daily.

my blogroll is not just a place to share what I love to read with you lovelies but a place for me to actually sort out what I love to read. i have a little method - I bookmark inspiring blogs and sites and then update my blogroll every few months so I don't lose them in my - what I thought was a streamlined - bookmarking system. I realized a few weeks ago that all of my bookmark folders have, oh, tons and tons of sites marked and I can (sadly) lose track of what I actually bookmarked to enjoy.

I just updated my blogroll (now over 165 sweet blogs and sites) with a bunch of new fab additions and wanted to share a few with you - they are lovely!! enjoy, support, love and inspire.

new online lifestyle magazine run by two amazing women with a spread of food, entertaining, home design and more. and the online mag has streaming video in the articles - super creative.

an la gal that is inspired everyday and shares it through her lovely blog.

the sweet micaela's blog is full of design, photography and cool words. she also happens to be a recent Blog Out Loud panelist.

an owner of a confectionery's blog?! yes! sweet, pretty and lovely photos to boot.

my new fave innovative and eclectic "finger on the pulse" design mag that curates cool stuff.

:: all images from their respective blogs ::

more design inspiration:
springtime design

last week at Blog Out Loud 5, one of the lovely items in our goodie bags were cookies, generously donated from Sweet Ambs. ok, people, these cookies are *seriously* gorgeous! I felt bad eating it (but I did :) I especially love the cameo cookie and was inspired to pull another banquette seating image, one of my fave small space ideas. Spring is almost here and I am so excited for sunny long days and San Francisco fun!

:: cookies by Sweet Ambs and kitchen by decorpad ::

design inspiration:
coral + white

it's such a pretty day in San Francisco today and spring is on it's way! I have been thinking about coral and white - clean, romantic colors that feel good all the time. I love this striped pillow from Williams-Sonoma Home. Changing out your throw pillow covers is an easy and affordable way to change the entire vibe of your small space. 

small space dweller handbook:
create a vibe in your space

Many of us have family heirlooms and fond knick knacks in our small spaces. I definitely believe in creating a home with items that make you feel good! Another way to create a vibe is to include furniture and decor that sparks inspiration. I am loving these colorful side tables with vintage cigar vignettes. They remind me of an outdoor cafe in Paris! Oh la la! What do you have in your small space that creates a certain vibe and/or style?

:: top image via Flickr/d'alk and the other two by me ::

blog out loud 5 is tonight!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!! 
And if you want to follow us live, you can starting around 7pm PST! Just head over to - or #blogoutloud

Check out the BOL blog tomorrow for photos and recaps from tonight's event!

a {vogue} idea

i love that line in the Sex and the City episode when Carrie is writing for Vogue and she makes a comment about not "having a {vague} idea". When I was about in my new city, I spotted this neat backdrop featuring vintage Vogue covers and had to share it with you guys. How neat would this be framed, leaning against a wall? Or hung on wall as a backdrop to a desk area? I bet this could be an easy DIY too. Just find some vintage magazine images and make your own collection. Call a sign company and see how much it would be to print the size you need. Hmmm, more to come on this one in my own small space! 

your keys & your small space

like many of you, I heart target! i get lost in the aisles of goodies and love their designer series across the board. plus they have the best pomegranate scented candles - yes! I just spotted these exclusive keys on their site, thought they were super cute and wanted to share with you guys. often overlooked, your key ring is your first step into your small space so add a key ring that makes you happy! 

x-inspired bench

lately I've been seeing a new crop of x-benches popping up with a more industrial vibe and really am considering this look - love it! there's something classic about this style yet the it's accessible and cool! plus these pieces double, or even triple, in small spaces. i am loving the x-inspired bench that I spotted recently on a blog I recently discovered, Good Bones, Great Spaces. I love the placement under the window and that it's a bench more then an ottoman. actually, one of my first Apartment Therapy posts was about x-inspired furniture.

:: image via Good Bones, Great Spaces ::