Living Room

Living Room

Kitchen to Dining Room
*loving the pops of blue in the accents*

Master Bedroom

Entry Way

Small space dwellers should absolutely consider color and color accents in their small spaces. An accent wall or wallpaper in colorful palettes can open up a small space. That being said, if color isn't really your thing, then consider staying with a theme throughout your entire small space - every room. I spotted this fabulously designed home by Jessica Helgerson. It's theme - stark white walls with rich dark wood accents. The living room, dining room, bedroom, etc all have this look integrated into the space and it works! Check out the full slideshow here.
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| Loving Cassie's newest chapter of Style (E) scapes featuring outdoor spaces + entertaining, especially the imagery from Zinke. (see photo)

| Check out the fab giveaway from Danni of oh, hello friend. This would make a great small space accent!

| Summer love + bright colors via original watercolor postcards over at Lindsey's etsy shop. I would love to see a trio of these in a small space.

| This white kitchen is seriously inspiring and Kylie of Bandelle has showcased it beautifully! This is going in my dream house file.

| Oh la la - pretty mood boards over at Oh Happy Day are perfect for small space color inspiration.

Check back every Friday for a little design inspiration from around the web.

Have a lovely weekend!

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I am a huge fan of the lovely Michelle's fabric line, Rubie Green. It's an amazing and pretty collection of fabrics and design. When Real Living published her gorgeous (small) NYC pad, I was excited to see her fab style extends through her space. Formerly a stylist for domino, it's no surprise that Michelle's apartment is stunning, well designed and perfectly uses the small space to her advantage (loving the stacking books to double as a side table). Check out the full article here.
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I enjoyed Sunday in Laguna Beach and popped into the great home store called Tuvalu. Aside from the amount of great home accents selections (like some pretty green glass objects), I spotted this awesome thatched ottoman. How cool is this?!? I would love this layered with the CB2 yellow console table in an entryway! The mixing of textures would really make a visual impact.
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Small Hanging Vases

I have always loved the look of small hanging vases and when I spotted this clever and easy small space DIY, I wanted to share with you guys. The hook and vase costs under $20. Get some eclectic mirrors and you are good to go. LinkWithin Related Stories Widget for Blogs

Blog Out Loud TV launch!!

Hello loving. living. small. readers!

I am still on my small break but wanted to share the launch of
Blog Out Loud TV!

Click here to check out 3 mini-webisodes from the first Blog Out Loud event a few weeks ago that covers common themes that curious and new bloggers often have.
We'll be adding more videos in the next 2 weeks so check back in for blogging inspiration. Also, definitely check out the Blog Out Loud blog for some great resources including a thoughtful and informative interview with blogging guru, Melanie Nelson of Blogging Basics 101.

Hope you are having a *fabulous* weekend and see you all next!

xo, Rebecca

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I do love the chalkboard painted walls in many homes. It's a clever and visual way to showcase black and creativity in your small space. When I spotted this leaning black board in a wooden frame, I thought it was a neat take on this. Fab!
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the High Line in New York City

I was so excited to finally see some photos of the new downtown park, the High Line, in Manhattan's west side. Just a few years ago, I actually worked 2 blocks from this area and frequented the shops, bars and yummy restaurants (miss you, Flourent) and, of course, saw the steel frame of the old elevated rail road. The mix of textures - steel, wood, greenery, metal - all comes together in this pretty yet sparse area running along and above 10th Ave. Consider mixing elements in your own small space - love that!

[Full slideshow via Treehugger]

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oh la la missoni

i. want. this. bedding. (via desire to inspire)
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good vibes.

I am loving this colorful and plain cool card featured on the Parcel Post blog. I want to frame 3 of these and place them on my kitchen window sill. Small accents make big impressions.
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loving. living. small. chats with Jessica Rust
Jessica Rust Designs Personalized Dinnerware

- Tattoo collection -

- Love Birds collection -

- Best Friends collection -

- Family Tree collection -

I have been a huge fan of Jessica Rust's lovely personalized dinnerware for a while now. Simple yet enchanting, her passion and creativity embodies her craft. I love the idea that small details can make a big impact in a small space and using this dinnerware to dine or as a home decor accent will surely do just that. I am thrilled to have e-met her and she sweetly agreed to do a little interview with loving. living. small. Enjoy reading about some of Jessica's inspiration and style for Rust Designs.

I was turned onto your pretty dinnerware by the personalized collection. I immediately fell in love with your designs. What is the inspiration behind it?
Thank you! Long walks with my dog. Gives me a chance to clear my head I don't take a phone so I can really see what's around me. I love nature but am not a nature girl my idea of a nice weekend in the country would be a nice big porch and someone serving wine. I use a lot of what see around me in my work. I will often take photos and go from there.

What other ways have you or do you like to see your dinnerware being used? (i.e. as an art display, etc)
I hope people will use my dinnerware, I'm not a fan of dinnerware on the wall, not that it can't be lovely. My grandmother has the most amazing collection all over her kitchen, but I really designed it to used and incorporated into dinnerware you might already own.

Small space dwellers definitely have to consider the amount of things that can go into any space. How much "dinner ware" do you feel the average couple needs in their kitchen?
Hmm I suppose that depends on how much you like to entertain. I would say at a minimum 6 dinner plates, salad/dessert plates and bowls. More of course if you like to have friends over. That way you're not washing dishes all the time. Of course you need mugs I never seem to have enough.

I watched your great profile on The Today Show (congrats!) I love your passion and drive. How did it feel when your product "made it"?
I've been asked this before and I'm not sure that I've made it, kind of always wanted a porsche perhaps when I can afford one I'll feel I've made it.

Tell us about your work studio? Would it be considered a small space and how do you use it?
I lived in NY for too long for this to be a small space. It is a wonderful space a fabulous space. The space is a carriage house that we (my husband and I renovated) it's not a finished space but it gets amazing light in the winter, has 16' ceilings. It's a bit hot in the summer with the kilns going, but I love it. The first floor of my studio is where production is done. The second floor is my office and work table where I hash out my designs.

I love the colorful designs on your newest collection, Tattoo. What are your fave color tips in a space?
Thank you. Well, first and foremost if you could see my house you would know I LOVE color. I use it a lot. Biggest tip; to not be afraid of deep or dark colors they can actually make your space feel larger. I hate hearing when people say they can't use this really rich color because it will make the space feel too small. It is often best to paint a small space intensely. OH, and don't be afraid to use color, you can always paint it over if you don't like it. Take a risk it's what life is about.

Thanks, Jessica! Click here to enjoy the Rust Designs site and buy up some of her fab wares.

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Wallpaper + Molding + Paint + Art Gallery

I am loving the look of the very stylized wall. Sure, there's a lot going on here but it works and works well. The addition of the molding to create two distinct areas on the wall create a strong visual cue. I like the color and pattern combo and, of course, that fab wall gallery.
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Yes - what a nice visual impact!?! Loving fresh roses from the farmers market placed in a few small bud vases.
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missing domino?
What Home Magazines Are You Reading Now?

I sure am. While I (thankfully) have tons of old issues saved to flip through, I miss the colorful whimsy and accessible sophistication the magazine offered. I'd love to know what you are reading and why? I need a boost of magazine inspiration.

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Loving loving loving this new wallpaper from Marimekko. I really am happy with the resurgence of wallpaper over the last few years, available now in terrific and relevant patterns and color combinations. I love the idea of wallpapering one accent walll in a small space. It gives the room an anchor and dimension. Click here to check out the fab selection available Always Mod, the 1st US retailer to carry the products.

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