Wallpaper As An Accent

ok, small space dwellers, introduce dimension and color into your small space with one of my fave accents, wallpaper. My favorite way to use it is not actually on the walls but rather as an accent against bookshelves. Using wallpaper this way allows your decor to pop, it's an affordable solution to wall decor, it's renter-friendly and versatile. (want to change your color palette, no worries! just throw up a new selection!)


If you are like me then Etsy is a regular source for design inspiration. I am constantly impressed by the range of handmade and vintage items available to buy or window shop. One of my favorite stops is their blog for the Get The Look series and There's No Place Like Home video series, where they spotlight a home, we're taken inside and we get to hear how the space came to be. *lovely*


yes, I think I could camp/live/enjoy life in one of these stylish rides

have a great weekend!

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Extra Storage Idea

Very cool bookcase via houzz.

Ah yes, storage and small spaces. Often an issue in small spaces when looking to conceal all of your things. Instead of stuffing away everything, think about what you have and consider showing it off. I am loving these drawers-turned-bookcase. This is a resourceful idea to reuse salvaged items and storing books and accents. I could also see this in a bedroom for clothes. You could attach a rod at the top and hand a patterned curtain to make your own armoire.

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Black Paint

Just like you, I am a big fan of
Living Etc. magazine and love the website. I was e-flipping through their online magazine and spotted a home feature on J. Crew Creative Director, Jenna Lyons. I love many things about her space (striped ceiling - yes, please) but the black walls really jumped out to me. Small space dwellers can enjoy this theme by incorporating bright accents against the dark foundation. But leave that ceiling bright white - the dark walls will draw your eye up and open up the space.

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Wayne Pate

Have you seen the art of Wayne Pate?

Amazing color palettes, textures and design.

Great inspiration for any small space.

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Create A Dining Zone

Living in a small space means multi-tasking your rooms and sometimes it can feel overwhelming when trying to achieve this. Let's take dining. No eat-in-kitchen? No worries. Take a step back and really consider how you use your space. Yes, it would be nice to have a gorgeous reclaimed wooden dining table that seats 12 but how often are you really entertaining dinner parties in your space anyway? So put all of those ideas in your DREAM HOUSE FILE and enjoy your space today.

I love the Palihouse's elegant, chic and hip Lobby Lounge. I could live there (think they'd mind???) Check out how a small bistro table and chairs are placed right behind the couch. This is a great example of multi-tasking the space and creating zones in one space. Seating in the front and dining in the back. And this space breathes and feels comfortable.

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>>Blog Out Loud SF
Great night, Great People

Just a quick post about the Blog Out Loud event last night. It was a great night and if you are at all interested in blogging then click here to check out the BOL site, blog and video. And thanks to all of you SF readers that attended - we *heart* you!

And here are a few pre-event photos of the insanely pretty
BellJar boutique. There was so much small space inspiration in there, my brain when into sensory overload. Using your walls at it's finest and tons of small details.
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Discover Small Space Ideas In Big Rooms

Small space dwellers delight in finding inspiring small space accents and tips from large rooms, big homes and footprints stacking more then 1000 square feet.
this neat space is quite large, upscale, chic and elegant and there are tons of places to spot small space ideas with style. loving the dark wallpaper that sets the tone for an elegant space that expands in appearance.

>> Try a bold or dark color all over a small space, like bathroom. Including the ceiling, like pictured. And don't be afraid of black or dark purples, blues, reds, etc. It's just paint so have fun! (remember my red wall?)

>> Another tip is to get furniture that seems to float, like the computer stand. This is not a big piece and it doesn't feel heavy. You can place this against a wall and still see the wall which, again, expands the space.

>> Open shelves add a visual dimension.

>> Glass and acrylic decor feels light and allows the eye to go flush to the wall and a space simply feels bigger.

>> A glass chandelier not just adds style but draws the eye up to the ceiling and expanding the space. This is a great small space solution.

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i heart living small

i heart living small

>>a new addition to the loving. living. small. family
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Yes, Owls

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Wow I am on a serious color tip today! It must be from my fab chat with Vern Yip this morning for Apartment Therapy's coverage of Design Star. (I had the pleasure of chatting with Vern a few times and he is *lovely* Gen and Candice are next and I can't wait!) We spoke about neutral palettes and working with color. I love this color grid via Paper Source. Super fun and whimsical >> just like applying color to your home should be.
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I wanted to share some of my very favorite places to pick up incredible color inspiration. The gals of 100 Layer Cake are very sweet and have such an elegant blog (drool-worthy). Every gal should have their inspiration binder bookmarked for viewing. Another color lover, Rebecca Thuss. She's a fab stylist and her site makes me simply smile. Go. Enjoy. Get Inspired.
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Color Tips for Your Small Space

To a lot of people, color can be one of the biggest challenges in a small space. Many people feel that picking a color is a commitment and that a small space will feel even smaller. A few ideas to help with your small space...

>>work with a neutral palette and integrate pops of color via accents (artwork * glass collections * wall coverings). Then if you want to change the tone, just swap out your accents.

>>consider cool colors (like blues and grays) that make a space appear like it's receding.

>>introduce a bold color on one accent wall.

>>have fun! nothing is permanent so enjoy and experiment! I never thought I would have a red wall but decided to give it a go in my old small space. When I was done, an organic slate gray was introduced.

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loving. living. small.

Hello lovely readers! just wanted to let you know that my new BLOGROLL can now be found in the navigation bar. I decided to clean up my little blog and wanted to provide 1 place for my favorite inspiring links for you to enjoy. Click here to check out more then 100 incredible blogs, shop, reads and designers.

And as you can see, loving. living. small. has had a makeover and I hope you enjoy it! I decided I wanted a little change so why not, right?! As Blog Out Loud 2 is gearing up, I asked our panelists how often they have changed their own blog design. I would say, oh, um, about 7 times for this blog. Speaking of Blog Out Loud, if you are in the Bay area on 8.23.09, please come on by and join Megan of Beach Bungalow 8 and myself as we host the 2nd event at BellJar. We have a fab panel of bloggers and it's a great opportunity to learn more about blogging and get inspired to start your own.

And now you can click on the CATEGORIES image on the sidebar to check out all of the different topics covered on loving. living. small. (in addition to the ones noted on the navigation bar.

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The Floor Version

I'm a stacker and a leaner. Yep, I stack and lean things - books, magazines, pictures. So when I spotted this sweet photo on this lovely blog, I wanted to share it with you as a great interpretation of USING YOUR WALLS by simply using your floors. Living in a small footprint requires a bit of editing and self-control by way of decorating. Instead of overdoing a wall gallery, consider stacking and leaning those pretty frames on the floor. Be open and creative in your small space!

image via visual notes

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