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After moving - oh - many times in the last 15 years or so, I have learned to unpack and get rid of the boxes. What's fun about keeping your own things boxed up? I feel this way about collections of things - you like something, enjoy it! I have a nice collection of magazines and enjoy reading them again and decorating with them. I have a bunch stacked nicely in my office but I also have a few that I now rotate on my vintage ladder that I recently picked up for a deal at the Rose Bowl flea market.  How do you display your collections?



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Anonymous said... 1/09/2011

I really like how you stored your Domino magazines. Looking for some type of magazine storage for our living room. Just wondering who makes that shelf unit?

Thank you,
Mary Anne
scrap 4 me at yahoo dot com

loving. living. small. said... 1/09/2011

Mary Anne, that's one of Ikea's lack shelf units. :)

Anonymous said... 1/09/2011

Thanks for the info. will have to check it out.

Mary Anne :o)

keltie@f*ck yeah, france! said... 1/10/2011

God I wish I'd kept all those Domino magazines!

Unknown said... 1/10/2011

Love the white shelving unit! And the ladder is awesome!

Anonymous said... 1/10/2011

i'm so jealous of your stacks of domino magazine! best magazine ever! i'm so bummed they stopped printing it!

samantha ramage said... 1/13/2011

such a neat idea for stacking your magazines!!!!!
love the ladder and i agree with these girls-- wish i had a stack of dominos like your's!


carolyn said... 1/13/2011

this is so useful- i have so many magazines, love these new ideas on how to store/display them!

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