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tinted porcelain bowls

Don't you love this dishware? I absolutely do! This line of bowls, plates and trays is from a neat little company out of Australia that tints the porcelain prior to baking. A simple glaze is applied to add the shine. I think adding small details with color and texture to small space creates a subtle but impactful design style. Love that!

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small space accents
felt vases

If you've been following loving. living. small. then you know that I love introducing and mixing textures in my home. I think this small detail adds a ton of personality and dimension. My newest texture - felt! I recently bought this adorable felt vase and absolutely love it! I think it adds a pop of color and design interest. And adding some fallen leaves and a blooming flower from right outside my front door tops it off.

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design inspiration
10 photos to inspire you to look up & down

I am sure many of you are just like me, carrying your camera everywhere you go. I started doing this over three years ago when I started this blog and I am so glad that I did. Over the years I have been able to capture design inspiration all over the place and now have a design record, so to speak. I often e-flip through my images to gather style and ideas, many of them showing back up on this blog.

I recently realized that I have a ton of photos that are actually of floors/the ground and ceilings/the sky. Silly, right? At first I did feel a little strange stopping to take pictures of, say, a tiled floor in a chi chi la la restaurant (that's my term for "fancy") or a palm tree while walking my dog. I have since gotten over that and have  been happily snapping design that makes me feel good and inspires my space all the time. 

Above are all photos that I have snapped pointing my camera either up or down. I hope this post inspires you to capture anything and everything around you. You never know where a great idea will come from. For example, the last photo in the above series that shows  x-shaped cement and grass inspired one of my first posts that I wrote for Apartment Therapy way back in July 2008. It was all about x-inspired decor that came from that very photo

1.  The chevron wood tiles ceiling at the Wynn Las Vegas

2. Cocktails at Norwood in New York City last summer

4.  Red and pink diamond patterned carpet at Ceasars Las Vegas

5.  The palm tree on the corner of my block in Los Angeles

6.  The pretty tiled floor at Olives

7.  A very cool wicker ceiling

8.  Walking to lunch in Palm Springs

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a small chat
Jeanine Hays | AphroChic

I am thrilled to share a brand new A SMALL CHAT, the interview series on loving. living. small.  that features designers, design lovers and style enthusiasts sharing their thoughts on common questions about living in a small home. This interview is with a special friend, Jeanine Hays. I first met Jeanine in the summer of 2009 when she attended the 2nd Blog Out Loud event. From there we remained in touch (I even got her on the Blog Out Loud 4 panel) and she's a fantastic and creative person.

Jeanine is the Founder and Creative Director of AphroChic, a design brand that features original and colorful products from pillows to tabletop to wallpaper and more. With the recent launch of their 2nd line, Brooklyn Renaissance Collection, AphroChic is fast becoming a style hotspot and product must-have. Jeanine has such great taste about design and thoughtful living, let's hear what she has to say about using color in a small space, designing the often small bathroom, integrating pattern and art in a small space and sources for {small space} inspiration. 

1) You are the Founder and Creative Director of AphroChic, a design brand that highlights modern design and artists from around the world. You've now launched two successful and gorgeous lines of accents from vibrant pillows to bath items to table top decor. Tell us more about AphroChic and it's appeal for the home.

AphroChic is all about marrying a modern aesthetic with cultural elements all wrapped up in a sustainable package.  The appeal of many of our designs are the colorful prints and abstracts patterns that truly add a pop to any interior.  And for many of our customers, they love our dedication to sustainability and using all natural and organic materials as well as local manufacturers.

2) Color truly can transform a space - both from a physical and emotional perspective. How important is color in your line and color in your home? What tips can you give small space dwellers for using color to create a design vibe?

Color is essential!  I am a huge fan of color and patterns and what they bring to a space.  Whether a small or big space, colorful accents can take your home from blah to warm and cozy.  I love playing with pattern and pops of color, and in my small space I bring color in with accent pillows, vases and art work.  

3) Bathrooms are the quintessential "small space" in most homes and they are often underestimated for their design opportunity. With the launch of AphroChic bath items, share your thoughts on this space and tips for creating big design in small spaces.

Start with the shower curtain.  That can set the tone for the entire space.  That’s why we created our shower curtains with bold, oversized prints.  They just say, “Welcome home color!”.  If you can’t hang a curtain, focus on places where you can add a bit of color with interesting towels and bath mats.  You don’t have to be all beige and white in the bathroom.

4) Patterns and art can also add texture and a design tone to a space. I love your new line and the art featured throughout. Share your creative vision for using patterns and art on AphroChic decor and how it translates to one's space?

I really wanted to bring art into our collection.  I am a huge fan of fashion illustrations and watercolors and wanted to see that reflected in our pillows and accessories.  I contact artist, Samantha Hahn to create our watercolor prints, and she brought my ideas to life.  Art on textiles tells a story, and add a beautiful dimension to an interior.  Just one Brooklyn life pillow can express the person who lives within the abode.  I love that!

5) You feature tons of great interiors, designers, style and inspiration on the AphroChic blog. Where do you personally find inspiration and how do you create inspiration in your home?

I am inspired by so much that is out there.  Every time I hear about a new artist or designer creating something new and unique I want to share it with other design lovers.  I think the blog is fueled by my need to share all of the beautiful things that are out there.  In my own home, I try to bring some of that inspiration in, whether it’s a print from an artist I featured, or something as simple as a set of gorgeous pencils that I saw online.  I work to bring it all home and create an eclectic and colorful space that truly reflects AphroChic style.

Thank you, Jeanine! Check out all of the fabulous style and products at AphroChic right here and inspiration on the AphroChic blog right here.  Follow on twitter / @AphroChic.

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a little travel

:: just some swedish design inspiration ::

So I have some big news to share, loving. living. small. friends. I {finally} booked my trip to Europe! Woo hoo! I am completely thrilled to be taking this little travel adventure over the summer and  to take in the culture, sights and vibe of some amazing places.

My first stop is Sweden to visit a dear friend and to enjoy this gorgeous country. I have never been to Sweden and have heard amazing things about it. Of course I know about the fantastic Swedish/Nordic design that extends and shines throughout the design blogosphere. I am so inspired already and can't wait to snap away and share the Swedish design and style love with you.

Have you been to Stockholm?

I'd love for you to share your stories and design style with me. Yes!!

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design time
5 inspiring ideas to get lost in this weekend

I posted about one of my DESIGN TIME adventures a few months ago, or what is better known as hours and hours lost in the amazing inspiration and style of the lifestyle and design blog world. I am sure you have had your own adventures getting sucked into all the amazing features out there. I am starting a weekly series that points you in the direction to start your own DESIGN TIME journey - five to ten blogs, sites and ideas that can take you away.

*The insanely elegant yet comfortable home of Kate & Andy Spade via The Selby

*The gorgeous interiors and still life photographs by Annie Schlechter 

*Color inspiration from Rice Krispy treats - yes - via With Style and Grace

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currently loving...bright colors in small doses

Seeing small pops of color in my small space really makes me smile. How simple yet impactful is placing a few colored pencils in a simple glass vase? Absolutely love the quiet style that is created here. How do you use bright color in your home?

Also currently loving...

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a most interesting small space office interpretation

It's one thing to pack your clothes away but your office? Sure, why not! I recently spotted this office-in-a-trunk and thought it was a clever and aesthetically cool interpretation of the home office. From  a fold down desk to plenty of drawers and shelves, this office is kind of a small space dweller's ideal work opportunity. I love the leather bound back and would love to see this in an actual small space. But for now, I'll take this table as my new office style.

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another look into my design cycle

:: My affordable chandelier that I bought in NY last summer is staying put ::

 :: So is my colorful rug ::

A few days ago I shared that I am considering turning my home office into an actual dining room. Even though I just moved in a few months ago, I am going through a little design cycle and am looking to change up my space.  As far as the room, I definitely will continue to use it as an office (great idea from reader, Megan) but I am looking to change the layout and furniture to reflect a true dining space.  Want to see the current room as an office - click here for the Unplggd tour.

The design culprit for my new design cycle is the Saarinen marble tulip table. Definitely an investment piece, I've had my eye on this guy for some time and have been weighing the want vs. need vs. am I crazy for changing my place again? I do know that it's a special piece and something that I can enjoy for the long haul. It will add into my home vibe and be something that I worked towards getting, which makes the material item a bit more special, right? 

Above you'll see some ideas that I have from keeping the pretty gray painted walls, my bright floral rug and my favorite $60 sphere chandelier. The additions - the fab table and 4 Cesca chairs that were gifted to me by family friends for free. (Of course a little reupholstery is in their future but worth it to add some of my style to these classic chair.) And I am thinking of doing a buffet and hutch? Lots to consider here because of the size of the space. Maybe something mirrored to open up the space?

More to come, loving. living. small. friends :)


do you design cycle like me?
reconsidering your {small} spaces

:: time after time I go through my design cycles :: 

ok friends, here I go again. I am in the middle of a complete design cycle. this time I am obsessing over turning my home office that I use and need into a dining room - that I don't really need right now. The design culprit or covet I should say - the Saarinen marble tulip table. Yes, I want to redesign an entire space to incorporate this coveted piece right inside. Well, thankfully for me,  I have this blog to fess up to it and learn more about why I am always mixing it up.

Every now and then (ok every few weeks) I pretty much have to, want to, need to change some design element in my apartment. When I say cycle, I pretty much mean {re}cycle since I am often in the mood to change up my place. Whether it's something simple and sweet like changing the photos in my frames or something bigger and braver like flipping my entire layout in my main room, I get the urge to recycle my design style. 

Of course I know my desire to mix it up is beyond just an actual product or inspiration that I find on the fantastic blogs and design features out there. I am sure that it stems from an emotional place since truly believe in making a house a home to create a place where I can feel my best self.  That being said, I do wonder what components of my life play into my wanting to redesign my small space so often? Could it be other areas of my life, the ups and downs of living, that plays into this? I'd love to hear your stories on the *urge to change up your home* and how you make it work or let it pass. A big thank you in advance from one small space dweller to another.


loving. eating. small.
Ray's & Stark Bar


Lately a lot of beautifully designed spots have opened up in Los Angeles and Ray's & Stark Bar at LACMA is one of them.  I popped over there the other night and enjoyed my "Lost in Yonkers" cocktail (pictured above) and a gorgeous evening. Situated in the courtyard of LACMA, the farm-to-table restaurant (Ray's) and the curated cocktail bar (Stark) offer pops of color, infused modern style and, of course, perfectly mixed and shaken cocktails and great food. I loved the small conversation areas and the mix of chairs and tables. If you are into trying a new design element in your small space, consider mixing your styles. I love mixing to add flavor to a space and to create dimension. I also love the red and blue palette - very cool tones. Small space tip - cool colors make a small space appear bigger. Don't we all love that? 

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from one small space dweller to another, a little inspiration...

fab interviews with designers, style makers & other small spaced dwellers

anything and everything to make you smile in your small space

tips for going vertical in your small space

projects and ideas you can do yourself for your own small space

a virtual tip sheet for making the most of your small space

setting up shop in a new {small} space

{image created by loving. living. small.}