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floor cushions (inspired by Missoni)

Small spaces don't often allow for a lot of furniture for sitting and folding chairs aren't the most comfy. One of my favorite small space solutions is using floor cushions for guests to hang out on. I am loving these Missoni floor cushions, especially the different forms they come in - flat round, bean bag and drum pouf. While these Missoni ones are pricey, they do offer some good design inspiration and I see a little DIY in my future.

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Design inspiration:
Set design from "It's Complicated"

I am a huge fan of Nancy Meyer's movies and the always stunning set decoration and design. I can't wait to see It's Complicated to check out the fully designed homes of the characters. Like Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday, I know this film won't disappoint in the style department. I was able to find a sneak peek of some of the rooms and even spotted a few small space solutions like:

1 :: placing a desk next to the bed to double as a side table or office space.

2 :: open shelves in the kitchen with stacked dishware

3 :: placing a curtain to cover any stored goods under the kitchen counter that can easily be moved aside for easy access.

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:: All images via Traditional Home ::

10 small space ideas done right
Canadian House & Home

I love seeing small space solutions in action and this lovely apartment of Canadian House & Home's style editor has some good ones. Check out ten small space tips in this space that you can do right in your own. And these are screengrabs from the video house tour featured right here on their site.

1 :: using your walls with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. The couple used three affordable IKEA Billy bookcases and added their own molding to make them cohesive and stylish.

2 :: they placed their investment pieces (a pretty and long-lasting sofa) right in front of the shelves. Layering furniture is a great small space solution for adding more pieces in the room and adding dimension.

3 :: add scale to your small space with natural elements like the flowers or branches. These almost mimic the height of the shelves and adds some scale and balance.

4 :: symmetry is a great small space tip that provides balance and the couple's two armchairs accomplish this. (they resourcefully recovered some use chairs with fabric they loved).

5 :: they also have floating furniture in their space, like the chairs. any time you can use pieces with legs that allow you to see through further to the wall allow a space to expand.

6 :: the glass coffee table is another great space solution. Like the chairs with legs, the glass surface allows you to see through furniture and makes the decor feel light and airy.

7 :: the floor cushions are a perfect small space idea for extra seating for guests and friends. And when you don't need them, throw them on your couch or chairs.

8 :: the couple painted the entire space a light blue which is the perfect shade for a small space. Cool colors - like hues of blue - allow a room to feel like it's receding or expanding.

9 :: the wall gallery is another great example of using your walls and draws the eye up.

10 :: the couple really put thought and meaning into their space, the design layout and style and that is the best small space idea!

5 ways to design a 100 square foot space
interior design show 2010 Feature

I am looking forward to speaking at INSPIREDESIGN in February at the Las Vegas Design Center. I'll be covering home trends for 2010 and how to use them in your home. As I've been researching the latest and greatest, I am happy to share that small space dwelling is still a very popular and  a meaningful way to live and designers are constantly looking for innovative and resourceful designs and solutions for making homes with a small footprint a big design opportunity.

During my research, I came across a neat exhibit that will featured at the IDS 10 show in Toronto in January. 5 designers, stylists and decorators are designing a free-standing 100 square foot shed to call office, storage space, you name it! I am looking forward to seeing how they do and will defintely share all the details with you guys.

holiday wish list for my small space

since I am on my holiday blogging break, I've been making my holiday wish list for my small space. (small space decorating is on hold for now but it's my little break, so I'm wishing :) I really think living in a small space allows you to consider meaningful things instead of just stuff. each of these items is sweet to me and I'd love to see them in my small space. wishing away....

:: happy holidays and (hello) 2010 ::

design inspiration:
stunning jewelry

I definitely am speechless when it comes to Tobi Tobin's stunning jewelry! Gorgeous details with a mix of hard and soft materials make these pieces art. I was inspired to pull some interiors out of these designs that would make any small space dweller simply happy.

:: all jewelry by Tobi Tobin and all interiors via Inspire To Desire ::

loving. living. small. on Charles and Hudson

I wanted to share with you lovely readers about amazing modern DIY blog, Charles and Hudson, helmed by talented and sweet Timothy Dahl. I was lucky to be featured today on the site and wanted to share the post with you which is about being inspired by your small space.  Also check out his amazing wife, Laura's, engaging and cool fashion + lifestyle design blog, Dahlight.

(Thanks, Timothy!! :)

Salt & Pepper Wells

Well that holiday break didn't take long!! :)

I have a thing for sea salt and I am so loving these little salt and pepper wells that I am interrupting my own holiday break to share them. I first spotted these too cute salt and pepper wells in Sunset magazine. They are the Diana Fayt Salt and Pepper Cellars from Rare Device and I must have them. :) I am all about small details in small spaces.

happy (early) holidays and hello 2010!

I wanted to share with you amazing readers that I am signing off for the rest of this year to enjoy some offline time (oh la la laying in this hammock sure would be nice!) and to get ready for a very welcomed 2010! Writing this blog is an incredible outlet and very rewarding! Through it I have e-met, emailed with and real-life met many kind people so thank you for support and, well, just reading. I wish you all a lovely holiday and new year! See you in the new decade - 2010! In the meantime, definitely check out these awesome blogs for some design inspiration!

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xo, rebecca

:: image via Things She Loves ::

Saw Horse Desk

While I do enjoy my elfa unit for my desk space (using the walls to create both an desk surface and book shelves), I long for a pretty desk with saw horse legs. I love the look (scale and balance) plus the extra storage that the legs provide. I can see stacking some magazines or books and using the entire desk, not just the surface. I spotted this pretty desk at West Elm and may have to go for it!

loving rose-colored metals

I am on a little lighting kick lately and wanted to share these pretty metal pendants. when I was at the Las Vegas Design Center a few months ago, I spotted this neat light installation in one of the showrooms and loved it! The rose-colored metal looked amazing and inspiring. Since lighting is important in small spaces, be creative with the type of lamp or chandelier you are using. It can add tons of design style to your space. And many come with cool textural style, like these pendants.

small details

I am always looking for ways to add a little detail here and there to make my small space feel textural and colorful. since I have more of a neutral palette in my furniture, I like to use planters, flowers and plants often and they are affordable - yes! loving these little succulents. These guys are full of detail and don't take much looking after.

Bold Lighting

One of my fave tips for living small with style is creating a neat lighting design in your home to add balance and scale. You'd be surprised with what a little be of extra lighting can add depth to your home. I also like the idea of using a bold lighting accent in a small space. You can have tons of small lamps and lights but go big in your main room. I spotted this sweet chandelier at Tuvula in Laguna Beach and love the shape - kind of a modern day crystal ball. Like using your walls, adding a design element overhead will draw the eye up and add the feeling of more space. All small space dwellers like that!

happy holiday weekend

:: hope you all are having a relaxing and lovely holiday ::

loving eating small
8 oz. burger

I popped into 8 oz. Burger last week and oh la la what a treat! My friend and I enjoyed a great dinner of short rib grilled cheese, fried olives stuffed with chorizo and some good pale ales - yes! Aside from the incredible food, which is so rich and tasty (you seriously must go! ), I also loved the decor, especially the white subway tile that lined the walls. I have always had a thing for white tile decor and mixed with the wood texture, the look was perfect and would do well in a small space. Looking for more decor love, check out more loving. eating. small. posts.

Vintage Books

I am always looking for neat ways to reuse things I already I have in a cool way. I have been pretty thoughtful about my decor choices and I think there's often many ways to use one item. I spotted this display at a sweet shop in Laguna Beach last weekend and love it! Using old vintage books and a little string, new life was brought to these pages. Another little creative tip, stencil your favorite silhouette or colorful design in your palette on the pages before you apply the string. 

Color + Texture

I was flipping through the new House Beautiful today and loved seeing The Next Wave series featuring 20 hot designers - all with interesting style and design elements. One of my faves, Gary Spain, who describes his love of "graphic layering of patterns and objects, textures and fabrics" as the foundation for his lovely work. The interiors are a small space dweller's dream - seriously people! I loved seeing all the color and design (and there's a lot of it) in the rooms and it works!! Small spaces need color + texture so go for it! As you add to your small space, continue to use small space ideas like using your walls to expand your space and adding accents, like mirrors. Enjoy more of Gary's work right here.

:: images via Gary Spain Design ::