small space dweller handbook:
matching is back

ok small space dwellers, get ready to expand on your one accent wall. The design style of matching is making a slow comeback and this works in small spaces. Using the same colors with different patterns is a very cool way to make your space feel elegant and bigger - yes!! Creating a cohesive backdrop for your furniture and decor will keep the eye moving and your home feeling bright and comfy. This is a great example of using the same color scheme and it feeling modern, fresh, big and balanced. 

open closets? ok!

as all small space dwellers know, closets are often used for a lot more then just clothes and shoes. When I lived in New York, I actually stored a few kitchen appliances in my one big closet. if push comes to shove in your closet, consider taking your clothes outside! I am loving the idea of a single clothes rack. there's something loft-esque and cool about it, like the one in this photo. And a little quick tip - use the same hangers to keep the look appealing and organized.

:: image from desire to inspire ::

loving. living. small. turns 2!!
cheers to all small space dwellers!

two years ago I started loving. living. small. purely as a place to for my inspiration notebook to unfold and to actually see what I had pulled, torn and ripped out of tons of design magazines over the years. now it has become part of me. I have had such incredible rewards from blogging - realizing an important creative outlet, new e-friends, new real friends, new creative direction, new inspiration and the biggest reward - seeing all of *you* come by, leaving comments, sending me sweet emails. (I've had over 255,000 e-friends visit in the last two years - wow!), it's been truly amazing so thank you! I have been fortunate to slowly turn this blogging inspiration into actual work and my career path has happily turned a corner to bigger and brighter.

from loving. living. small. to writing for Apartment Therapy for the last 1.5 years to creating Blog Out Loud to a writing for a new design site launching this March (more to come on that) and to the launching of my new business venture, Sweetline Agency, in early February (more to come on that too!) I love this creative outlet and have appreciated every blogging step of the way!

And I am giving away a little blogger birthday gift too! Click here and leave your best small space tip for a chance to win one of three brand new DKNY perfumes that are not even available til Feb 2010!

So a toast with a little champagne (from my recent weekend trip to Napa), cheers to us, all the small space dwellers out there, living small with style!

xo, rebecca

:: all images from my weekend Napa trip to sparkling winery, Domaine Carneros ::

small space tips - by you!!

Check out the comments section for a fab list of small space tips left by you - the loving. living. small. readers!! I love all of them and use many, including mirrors, going vertical and storage solutions. I also like the small space idea featured in this photo from domino - symmetry (love those x-benches!) 

Have one of your own? Add it to the group!

small space dweller handbook:
make your own banquette

I am always looking for ways to add style and functionality to my small space and I love the look of banquette seating. Here's a few photos of a wine tasting room in Los Olivos that has successfully pulled this look together. (plus a few more of the pretty space and, of course, the wine!)

This look is actually pretty easy to do. Since most rooms in small spaces double in functionality (living room meets dining room meets office), consider creating a banquette when you have friends over. Pick up a tulip table (IKEA has an affordable version) and add it to your living space to entertain. When you don't need the table and don't have room for it, consider taking it apart and storing it away.


find some room :: flowers in the bathroom

I am all about small details in small spaces and adding flowers is a great way to create color, texture and style. although room tends to be serious concern in small bathrooms, find a little room to add flowers or a plant. your mornings will be better - promise! while you are picking a bud vase or two, consider giving a friend some flowers in these oh-so-cute seed packets designed last year for Modish readers that are {free} to download. lovely!

add color through your furniture

it's easy to fall into a habit of buying neutral pieces of furniture and I get it - furniture is expensive and you want it to last a long time. Many of my own pieces are wood tones or gray. If you can, though, consider investing in some colored pieces to add tons of style to your small space. I love these turquoise blue chairs (knock-off's of Eames molded plastic chairs) and can see them around a small kitchen table. Color is a great way to express your personality and in a small space, you want your style to shine through!

small space dweller handbook:
furniture with legs

one of the most subtle yet best small space tips is to use furniture with legs. The idea - that your eye will keep moving to the wall under the furniture, giving the look of a bigger space. I love this small book shelf in the photo. The owner added legs to the piece to give it new small space life and it works.

best diy:
the bedside mirrored table :: repost

The winner of Apartment Therapy's 2009 The Homies Home Tech category went to Ikea Hacker, a site the covers the best and brightest furniture makeovers. I love this site and had the pleasure of being featured on it in 2008 with my bedside mirrored table, which is still one of my most visited posts. Check out the full post right here.

design inspiration:
herman miller's new los angeles store

design ideas for your small space can come from anywhere. that's why I am sharing this video (shot by creative agency, hello design) showcasing the lines, look and style of the herman miller showroom in culver city. lovely! check out more photos of the space right here.

i heart marimekko

There are just some products out there that always me make me smile and Marimekko fits the bill. The colors and patterns are right up my style alley. I am even waiting to reupholster my vintage Mulhauser chair in a neat Marimekko fabric. (more to come on that fun project) In the mean time, check out Finn Style's sweet sale of all things Markimekko.

city style
san francisco

hello everyone!! hope you had an awesome holiday season! I definitely did, enjoying time in one of my favorite cities, san francisco. I love getting inspired by city surroundings - there is so much texture, color and inspiration floating around. here are a few of my photos that I snapped around town. I am loving the purple flower and have a feeling I'll be introducing this color into my design style in 2010. And, check out my incredible NYE 2010 meal at A16 over at i heart living small! It was *seriously* a dining experience. I would have shot some photos of the actual space for loving. eating. small. but let's say that prosecco took it's toll on me!