Upholster A Folding Chair

Looking for a fabulous small space D.I.Y. this weekend? Consider upholstering some folding chairs. If you live in a small space like me, I am sure you have a few of these functional folding chairs hidden in a closet for guests. I love this idea of taking a practical small space item and enhancing the look to suit your style and vibe. Click here to head over to Apartment Therapy to see how this simple project is done. Send me pics if you go for it! Would love to see your work!

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Multiple Seating Works In A Small Space

I am working on this in my own small space....adding chairs + seating in a small space without it feeling cramped. This picture is a great example of a smaller space accommodating tons of great seating. Use stools or ottomans as chairs and don't be afraid to layer your furniture. I love how the small stools in front of the coffee table create form and function. [via Desire to Inspire.]

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Katie's Small Space Kitchen Makeover

I received a sweet email from Katie over at Making This Home the other day and she showed me her awesome kitchen makeover. Having a small space of 480 sq feet with a tiny dedicated kitchen space of only 36 sq feet, Katie and her husband knew they wanted to make some changes to really be able to use and enjoy their home.

Some of the small space solutions were to take down the walls to open the room to create an open loft-like vibe, extend the cabinets to the ceiling (a great example of using your walls), install a microwave/oven unit and a 2-burner stove top (clever!), a compact dishwasher and even a recycling container. I love that Katie thought about what was important to her and her family and designed the space to suit their needs. That is loving living small!

Click here to check out more of Katie's small space kitchen makeover and gather some fab inspiration for your own space!

I would love to hear your small space story. Send me an email and share your small space story with LOVING. LIVING. SMALL.

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CLEVER: Vintage Pay Phone For Your Home

I love the idea of adding details to small spaces and this homage to the classic pay phone via Urban Outfitters is a whimsical addition to a retro space. Check out more retro pieces in modern times here.
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Try An Angle Pt. 2

Often the corner of a room is overlooked as a place to create an intimate space. Instead of viewing it was an awkward area, consider placing a desk or a chair here, facing in or out. Placing additional layers, like this plant, can create depth and texture and the "missed space" is now filled with design. [Image via Desire To Inspire]

Check out more pages from the SMALL SPACE DWELLER HANDBOOK.
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In A Small Space & On A Budget

{The inspiration - NYC canvas - hung on the wall to really create the room vibe.}

{These chairs were extra comfy by adding a few accent pillows.}
{This outdoor rug is actually reversible.}
{These super affordable tables will now go into our office.}
{The palms in the terra cotta pots were only $12 at Costco! What a deal!}

When we moved into our new space we picked up a cement backyard that - until a few days ago - had nothing in it! Preparing for our housewarming BBQ inspired me to create a hip little "outdoor room" for our guests. My inspiration came from our large b/w canvas that hangs in our office and by the time I was done, I had created a Hollywood Regency-esque room that was relaxing and comfy!

With a small budget and big ideas, I created our outdoor room by using existing furniture and decor + picking up a few extra pieces. The space was small and we could only have some many chairs. One thing I did was throw done a few floor cushions to encourage guests to lounge and enjoy the homecooked food.
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If you are looking for a fun way to use your walls, consider using letters to create a whimsical and clever display. Loving the look in this picture via The Style Files.
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Here's a great example of using your walls in a simple manner - a single shelf placed a bit higher on the wall to showcase framed photos and artwork. This intimate space feels well balanced and comfy. You don't need to go overboard to make a statement. Use negative space to create an impact. [via Houzz]
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READ THIS: Domicilium Decoratus Limited Edition

Whatever style + size + vibe your home is, this book can add a little inspiration. [Via Kelly Wearstler]

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Convex Mirror

This convex mirror will be in my dream house. It's interesting, chic with a whimsical edge....l-o-v-e it! Therefore, it's added to my dream house file. Have you started your dream house file? Flip through your favorite magazines and sites and start that inspiration notebook. {via Hudson Furniture}
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Another Look At Matching Design In Small Spaces

I've posted here and here about working with pairs or sets when designing your small space. While a mixed art gallery works on an entire wall, also consider pulling it together by placing a table there with 2 matching lamps and 2 matching stools. Lovely. {via David Jimenez}
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Floating Furniture

{The long legs on this custom-made side table is perfect for a small space...functional and appealing.}

{The narrow legs on this vintage credenza provide a visual cue of more space.}

Another page in the SMALL SPACE DWELLER HANDBOOK for you lovely readers. If you are looking to make your space "feel" bigger then it is, buy furniture with longer, more narrow legs. This allows a visual cue to keep the eye moving beyond the piece of furniture. Every piece in our main room (less the IKEA hacked bookcases) float in the space. I am even going to add casters to the bookcases one day to create a floating effect. If your current furniture does not have legs, don't fret. Many stores now carry a selection of legs you can add to furniture. Or contact a local carpenter and customize your own for a nice price.
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SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Koko's Optic Floormats

Aside from a bit more square footage inside, I also picked up some outdoor space in my new apartment with a backyard area. I am looking for a few potted palms and a colorful outdoor rug, like Koko's Optic Floormat via 2modern. Living in sunny LA is an opportunity to have "outdoor rooms" and I am looking forward to using mine!
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I have previously posted either restaurants with fabulous small space design or simply small in sq footage in the LOVING EATING SMALL category. Today I wanted to post about one of my favorite food blogs, Bakerella. Loving the gorgeous photos taken by the baker and editor herself as well as the stunning, whimsical and colorful baked goods on display (with matching recipes and tips..oh la la!) Click here to check out Bakerella and see how to make this insane 12-layered cake.

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The More Affordable X-Bench

While I love the look and function of the X-bench, the price of this style tends to be super pricey. I was happy to spot a more affordable option over at Ballard. Best part too - customize the fabric by picking from over 30 options. Fun!
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Better Homes and Garden's SAVE MY ROOM!

Ok LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. readers - here's a neat opportunity to be featured in the November issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine and website.

If you have a household room that is in need of decorating help, simply enter a photo of the room and have a chance to win a room makeover from the master decorator Stephen Saint-Onge. The makeover includes painting, furniture and accessories - oh la la!

Click here for more information and to enter the BHG Save My Room contest. And if you'd like to see more of Stephen's work, click right here.

Enjoy and good luck!!
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...or so it seems in home design. Poufs - or ottomans - seem to be popping up in stores and online sites this year. Seating meets design - this feminine pouf, Flora, is a nice little accent in a small space.
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Loving this simply stunning and impactful accent idea - signature vase. A fabulous way to showcase your weekly flowers. {via Oh Joy}

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Loving these sconces and think they would look fab in a small space. If table space is hard to come by in your small space then consider sconces behind your couch or sofa for light + dimension. {Imgae via Wendy Blount}


Oh la la - loving this sweet site where you can share what you love most.

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