currently loving...c-tables

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! I am definitely excited for 2011 and new adventures. Over the holiday, I had some time to reinvent my small space by flipping my floor layout. I realized this new layout made my space feel bigger - yes! I also realized that I needed more tabletop space in my main room and was thrilled to spot the new marble C-table at CB2. It's perfect since it tucks under furniture while providing a flat surface - a great example of form and function. I snapped one up and am loving it in my small space. It feels balanced with the other tables and it's made simple things - like enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning - even sweeter. I definitely feel that all small space lovers should consider this style table for their space.



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Anonymous said... 1/03/2011

It looks so good! Love your place. You've got great taste!

Unknown said... 1/03/2011

LOVE it!! Such a great idea!

I didn't even notice it in the first photo and I was like "c-table? what is she talking about?" haha

Looks fabulous in your place!!

maizie clarke said... 1/03/2011

Love this for a small space.

Happy New Year!

-Chic Done Cheap

loving. living. small. said... 1/03/2011

Thanks, ladies! I really am loving this little table. I've moved it around a bit too - it's totally mobile.

annmicmed said... 1/03/2011

Forgive me if you talked about this in the past, but....
what kind of dog do you have? It's absolutely adorable!

loving. living. small. said... 1/03/2011

annmicmed - thank you! ya know, I haven't really talked about him on here. He's a mutt and he's insanely cute and loveable. I rescued him in the summer. I think he's a mix of maltese, poodle and terrier?

Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair said... 1/03/2011

Love the marble top & so functional- I am your 900 follower, nice to meet you!

loving. living. small. said... 1/03/2011

Samantha, funny, I just clicked on my blog and saw that I just reached 900 :) Thanks for the follow!

laurenne said... 1/03/2011

i love it! You are such a great inspiration. My blik headboard and tree look awesome. You must come seeee! I am so in need of this table as well. need your advice stat. hi!

Dolly said... 1/03/2011


Priscilla said... 1/05/2011

Love this! The only size room I have is about 300 sq ft. I have the kitchen which is nice but I mean for my personal space and where I do my college work. I plan to redo it in February! Hopefully I can find some frugal tips on here.

Unknown said... 1/05/2011

This table is so smart, you're right! And can you PLEASE tell me where your couch is from??? Love it!

loving. living. small. said... 1/05/2011

Happenstance - the couch is Ikea and super comfy!

Unknown said... 1/06/2011

Ikea?! I'm flabbergasted! Thank you:)

shoppingsmycardio said... 1/07/2011

oh goodness, i need that table...great find! and are those FLOR tiles you're using? they look infinitely better in your place than i've seen them look *anywhere* else...fabulous!

loving. living. small. said... 1/12/2011

shoppingismycardio - those are FLOR tiles and I really like them! I wasn't sure at first but they really are awesome and comfy. Thanks so much for your sweet comment :)

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