Wow - what an entry way!
The owner has has used one of my favorite small space tips - using your walls - to store his magazine collection.

I love how the filing cabinets double as storage for office papers and a place to hang artwork.

Even the coffee table has a storage for the owner's wine collection. Clever!

I have learned to love This Old House since Boy loves it and I end up watching it with him every now and then. It's a really good show and there are often tons of great ideas, including small space solutions. I spotted this studio in NYC on their website. The owner has truly used the footprint well. With just a few hundred sq feet, the owner took a 1 room space and has created tons of "rooms" to really live in and use. Click here to check it out.
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You Never Know What Can Inspire You So Keep Those Eyes Open!

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend here and, of course, had my camera with me ready to go to snap up some inspiration. I took this shot of the exterior of a warehouse in Solana Beach and am super inspired by it. I love the mix of textures - glass, wood, cement, organic plants. There's something about it that inspired me to think about my small space and incorporating and combining interesting textures. If you read LLS, you know how much I encourage getting out and gathering design inspiration for your small space. Your own neighborhood and city will give you tons of ideas. And, most importantly, have fun!

Want some more neighborhood inspiration? Click below.

Design Inspiration: Your Own City

More Neighborhood Inspiration

My Neighborhood, My Inspiration

Picture This: Neighborhood Pics

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I think I most definitely want this P-R-E-T-T-Y chair. LinkWithin Related Stories Widget for Blogs

The Art of Downsizing

Don't be afraid to go BIG in small spaces.
Love this neat oversized junkyard find that had a budget-friendly mirror makeover.

Click here to read an article highlighting small space tips, like scale, when downsizing to smaller spaces.

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Small, Medium and Big Stores Need Our Help!

Local stores and shoppes need our help during this tough economic time! I am all about supporting brick and mortar shops so pls click here to check out this neat and important message. (via Orange Beautiful)
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I have always loved this pretty photo! There's something about the colors of the pillows, wood table and black polished chair frames placed together that makes me want to enjoy a glass of sangria here. Consider mixing and matching different texture and color tones in your small space.
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I am off to Encinitas again to enjoy sun, sand and small space inspiration. I wish you an adventurous weekend ahead. My inspiration comes from one of my favorite photographers, Cooper Carras, and his trip to Buenos Aires. Simply stunning!

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Here I go again, lovely LLS readers, talking about how inspirational your own city can be as a design influence for your home. It's true! Get out, walk around, drive around and snap some photos and gather some ideas for your own small space.

I spent last Friday in Laguna Beach, a short drive south of LA. I was inspired by the rich colors (wow the water was actually blue and clear-ish, unlike Santa Monica) and the texture of the rocks, coves and moutains. Bright reddish orange flowers against the blue inspired me to enjoy this color combo more. I also drove around some of the pretty neighborhoods in the area. The houses - small! Some even looked about 1000 sq feet. One pretty home and a small deck right in the front and they lines that space with black and white curtains. Loved the look and wanted to share it with you. This could work in any small space outside the home. As the weather is getting warmer, get out there and get inspired by your own city!

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Oh la la is this outdoor space lovely?! Full of color and texture, the calm and oh so relaxing balcony looks like the perfect little outdoor space to me. Now if only I lived in Sweden? Hmmm...I need to get some of those little flower boxes. {via Desire To Inspire}
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I have always enjoyed a blue and red color combo and definitely encourage mixing bold colors in small spaces. Use a neutral color - say white - in the mix to ground the design and allow it to feel relevant in your space. Pretty!

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Hope you have a lovely and inspiring weekend!

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SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Cardboard Taxidermy

If you are looking for a whimsical and fun decor idea, check out these these kitschy cardboard accents (mini reindeer can work in a small space). [via Kelly Green Design]

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This pretty picture makes me smile. Small details make a big impact, don't they? Lovely! Happy weekend, you lovely LLS readers! Enjoy some friend and family time!

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{sunlight streams through our front window in the late afternoon.}

I have been working from home lately and have noticed that I see my small apartment in a new light, so to speak. Since the time change, the sunlight streams through all of our windows at different times throughout the day, creating a range of colors and vibes. loving that. I enjoy my space every day from the decor down to the unexpected things - like sunlight. How do you enjoy your small space?
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A FAVE SITE: Hammocks and High Tea

I went through my site bookmarks for textiles and fabrics over the weekend and have definitely collected a ton. I notice I bookmarked the same site 3 different times in a year and there's good reason for it...the fabrics are gorgeous! I love Hammocks and High Tea - a fabric company that offers a modern take on tropical and delicious, organic fabrics. My fave - zig. zag.
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SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Pattern From The Bottom Up

Oh la la - we love this black and white cane rug via Modern Dose. Imagine this graphic rug under a simple table in a small space?! Fab! Create a big impact in a small space by using 1 graphic pattern paired with simple accents or furniture. Especially allowing the pattern to pop from the ground, like a rug.
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While I definitely am an iTunes gal and simply download a song here and there, I do have a very special place in my heart for records. Growing up, we had a ton and I would listen to the likes of Billy Joel's The Stranger or the 45 of Rock Me Amadeus and 99 Red Balloons (with 99 Luft Balloons on the B-side). And of course dance it out to Thriller. (I swear I knew all the moves!) When I was visiting my family the other weekend, I found those cherished records and brought home a few for my small space. Adding personal elements - photos, family heirlooms and, yes, old records - creates an intimate vibe in your space. You live here so make it your own. You don't live on page 12 of the West Elm catalog. Enjoy your space!
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Kind of loving this simple bucket used as a planter. Consider any old household item in a new creative way for your small space.
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I have found that sitting on the couch with my computer when working just doesn't cut if for me. I prefer a dedicated space to work and even the smallest spaces can accommodate one. Depending on your work, you may not need much space to create a dedicated office space in your small space.

I found this picture from an old
Domino issue and felt it still represents a simple and affordable office space set-up. Plus the practicality of storage for things aside from just office supplies. It's a structured piece with storage and a flat surface. Pls the height will allow you to use your walls for simple shelves to hang above for even more storage.
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The POWER of Design

{Oh la la - I am so inspired by this incredible mirrored side table.}

One of the foundations for LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. is the embracing of your house (rental or not) as your home, your refuge. That is also why I enjoy writing for Apartment Therapy. The community is a support group for resources and understanding on how to achieve this personally. When I attended the Pacific Design Center's Westweek last week, I sat in for a few different speakers. While the feng shui lady didn't quite do it for me (what happens when you share your space with your feng shui polar opposite boyfriend? question still unanswered) but I was touched by one group that resonated the idea of "you house is your home" . The discussion was on the impact of fashion and interior design on the California lifestyle featuring Trina Turk and David Dalton. Aside from the interesting talk, David mentioned a few times about the power that design can have on someone.

Sometimes people may think that furniture and home decor are material things, useless clutter that offer no impact on your "living".
The reality is that all design can inspire and the power it can have on you emotionally is effective, motivating and charming all wrapped in one. For example, a simple vintage credenza bought at an amazing price that has gorgeous wood and modern architectural lines can remind one purely of their grandmother's house and spending time there when they were growing up. A lamp shade can stir an emotion that evokes pure happiness, reminding the owner of the sun coming through the clouds after a summer thunder storm when they grew up on the east coast. The idea being that when you place things in your home, you are highlighting positive memories and moments while creating form + function. You need a place to sit, right? So consider choosing a couch with fabric or lines that inspire you. Make it you!

I absolutely got what David was saying and have always embraced the power of a furniture or home decor pieces in my home. In fact, just yesterday when I was touring the LA Mart Design Center, I came across an amazing mirrored side table. A simple side table to some but to me a gorgeous work of art that was stunning in design and reminded me of some places I saw on a cross country road trip I took when I moved to New York 7 years ago. I have to have it! (more to come on that one!)

Enjoy and embrace your small space! It is your home and fill it with pieces that inspire you in some way, shape or form.

Flip through more pages from the SMALL SPACE DWELLER HANDBOOK.
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