change your look in your small space
reupholster your own furniture

Like my table situation, I realized I didn't have enough comfortable seating in my small space. I set out to buy some chairs but couldn't find what I wanted for the price that I wanted. When I spotted these chairs on sale months ago, I snapped them up because they were such a great deal and beyond that - comfortable! Although the price was right, the fabric texture and color were not for me. After finding some fabric that I really liked for my space,  I continued to do a lot of research to find a local upholsterer that would be able to recover my chairs for me for a good deal. Doing some research and finding ways to change your small space look by adding new fabric is affordable and will definitely make you feel good. It's your own "custom" style - who doesn't love that?  I am dropping these chairs off today and - within a week - I'll have a whole new look! Check back in next week to see the new look in action. 



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reupholster your own furniture


Unknown said... 1/04/2011

Can't wait to see them!!! I love seeing custom reupholstered projects :)

Jamie said... 1/04/2011

Quick question for you- it looks like you have the FLOR carpet tiles underneath your chair in these pics, how are you liking them thus far? I saw your post about using them in your bedroom and was wondering since then what your experience has been. I want to get some for my living room and am having concerns about the tiles pulling up when I vacuum, walk around etc....thanks!! PS I LOVE your space, very inspirational!

loving. living. small. said... 1/04/2011

Jamie, good eye there. Yes, I moved the tiles from my bedroom to my living room. I actually really like the FLOR tiles. They are comfy. To be honest, I haven't placed them properly using the stickers (i think I misplaced them) but they are staying in tact as is. I will need to stick down the perimeter ones but - so far - they've been staying put. I'd definitely recommend them.

HazelxJoy said... 1/04/2011

I'll look forward to seeing the finished result. These fabric is fab!

extreme personal measures said... 1/04/2011

I LOVE the fabric and can't wait to see the updated version!


Al said... 1/05/2011

I'm obsessed with that fabric. It's gorgeous!

Sarah Greenman said... 1/11/2011

Can't wait to see the final result!

Anne Alexander Sieder said... 2/03/2011

I loved this so much, I had to feature it on my blog (with a link back, of course). BTW, your pooch is too cute!

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