Wine bottles can be a fun accent in a small space. I have featured a few different leaning wine racks before and spotted yet another riddling rack at Anthropolgie. While still pricey at $200, these racks can cost upwards to $400 in vintage shoppes so do some research before you go for it.

I LOVE...Thanksgiving, Being with Family & Sweet Potato Pie with Marshmallows on Top

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and see you in a few days!


My boyfriend and I both use our home office all of the time and we sometimes tend to be a bit unorganized. So our goal in the new home office in the new apt, I am hoping to really get our space in order so it can be efficient for use. One easy little tip we may use are these Days of the Week clips. I imagine these hanging on a silver wire. They would be perfect to help organizing bill paying, scheduled events and any important reminders. This easy DIY would look cool on silver painted clips and black writing. More to come on this in a few weeks....


I'm loving the La Rosa Fruit Bowl by Alessi. This fruit bowl uses the rose as its motif – a symbol of femininity, grace, and love. This would look pretty on my mirrored buffet. I love the pop of color!


I often consider how my furniture can function in multiple ways. The ottomans become extra seating, the buffet acts as a welcome home piece plus a bookcase inside, etc. In our new apartment, we have a 2nd bedroom to act as a dedicated office and guestroom. This pretty convertible sofa may have to make a new home in our new home. When folded down, it's not quite a full sized bed but I think it does the trick. (and I LOVE the look!)


Finding The Function In A Space

This chic VOGUE Living layout, designed by Thom Filicia, features many small space tips that you can use right in your own home.

I love the entryway in picture one - stunning! Bold in style, the function here is a welcoming entryway that offers a place to put your keys, hang your coat, drop your things off after a day of work. And use all of this space - try hanging a whimsical shade to draw the eye up and add detail in every part of this small space.

Picture two is a great example of angling furniture. While the chairs featured may be too big in scale for a small space, the function is that you are maximizing all of your space and creating extra seating and dimension in your small space.

Click here to check out more pages from the SMALL SPACE DWELLER HANDBOOK.



I spotted this pretty scalloped shade at HD Buttercup a few months ago. I love the simplicity and elegance of this accent. It would look lovely over a chocolate brown parsons dining table. I like mixing traditional and classic design styles - provides texture and dimension in your small space.


I LOVE....Penguin Fine Books

Just spotted these pretty bound books designed by Coralie Beckford-Smith. Featuring titles such as Wuthering Heights, Pride & Prejudice and Jane Eyres, these covers will look fabulous on a bookcase or stacked on a side table in your small space.



Loving the clean lines and style of this rocking stool via Zara Home. Store two of these pretty stools under a console so when you need extra seating it's right there.


Try An Angle Pt. 1

Small spaces don't really allow for furniture to float in a room. Instead most pieces end up against the walls to accommodate the room's footprint. If you have more pieces then your wall allows, why not try to angle to the piece? I bought this mint condition Mulhauser chair over the summer it's angled in our main room. Not only does it fit in the space now but it defines the family room side of the long rectangular space.



After wrapping a 4-week long challenging project at work this week, I am ready to enjoy a relaxing and dreamy weekend in sunny Los Angeles. Have a fabulous weekend!

[Photo via Bloom, Grow, Love]

SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Personalize Your Space

Iomoi's lucite trays and Paper Source's cardboard letters will be making an appearance in my new small space. Small personalized accents can be fun way to introduce interesting detail into your space.



Loving these vintage bound books side by side with an ikat patterned planter! Do something like this in your own small space! [Photo via Flickr's AphroChic]



This wooden console is elegant meets rustic at it's finest! Love it!

[Photo via Desire To Inspire]


I firmly believe that you should mix it up when creating the design in your home. Who says you can't have modern and traditional in your home? Throw out all the rules and design your small space for you!

I have a mix of modern and traditional pieces. While the era and style may not be consistent, I use color and texture to blend these pieces together. I have a mirrored buffet and a modern-esque couch in the same room. To me, they work in the same space because of the silver tones in the buffet and the feet of the couch. Plus I placed traditional lighting near my modern couch and more contemporary lamps on the buffet and use flowers as color accents.



Another direction I am considering in our new small space is to wrap the floating couch with the CB2 Axis storage unit. Love the style, the additional storage for our things and the anchor that it creates around the floating furniture.


CB2's Sol Console Table

With the new apartment, I have an opportunity to float my furniture in the room vs. placing all of the pieces up against the wall. One new piece of furniture that I will be purchasing is a console table to go behind the couch. I am loving CB2's Sol console table. The bright yellow color and simple lines will really compliment our gray couch and add a pop of color in our more neutral palette.

How Does Living Small Inspire YOU?

I would love to hear from you lovely LLS readers!

What do you love about living small and why does it work for you? And anything goes - is it piece of furniture? The color of your walls? The cozy feeling of your bedroom? The way the sunlight streams through your small kitchen? More affordable? Less stressful? Whatever your inspiration is can absolutely inspire others.

Send me an email or leave a comment below. Looking forward to reading about your small space loves!

[Photo by Alicia Bock]

White Subway Tile

Dreaming of white subway tile in my modern barnhouse kitchen. This look is timeless, clean and elegant while simply feeling simple. While some people feel the all white kitchen to be trendy, I think it's classic. This kitchen's white tile is going right into my DREAM HOUSE FILE.

Have you started your
DREAM HOUSE FILE? Check out this post for organizing your magazine and catalogue tearsheets into an Inspiration Notebook. And keep your digital notebook organized too, using labeled folders inside a main folder on your desk top. Mine is called LOVING LIVING SMALL and inside I have many folders simply labeled Kitchen, Coffee Tables, Accessories, Vintage Finds. Anything that inspires me when I am online, I snap a pic and file it away.

[For MAC users, use the shift + command + 4 to create a camera aperture and snap away. Rename the photo with the website url of where you got the pic.]

[Photo via Stacy Bass Photograhpy]

Tips For Managing Your Time When Preparing Your Move

Looking forward to move into our new 2 bdrm space, which is conveniently located right next door. I have about 2 weeks (plus holiday travel and a whole lot of work at my ad agency) to plan our move. I am following a few steps to help my move go smoothly. These are great tips that can help you figure it out...

1) Create a 1-page daily schedule - a real calendar - of the days leading up to moving day. On the sheet, include phone numbers to the movers, the power company, the gas company, the cable company, any vendor that you will need to contact on or during the moving process.

2) On that note, book your vendors - your movers, the cable guy, etc. It's never too late to put these services on hold.

3) Prioritize what things you need to get right away and what you can wait for. For our experience, we need to get some big appliances, like a fridge and washer/dryer. (It's common for some LA rentals not to come with a fridge.) We knew we needed those things so we went out, bought the items on amazing sale at Sears and will have them delivered and installed a few days before our move. I also want to hang all of the curtains. Those are the things we "need" at the moment. While having the 2nd bedroom is wonderful, we can wait on getting the sofa bed.

4) Plan your packing days. Dedicate 1 or 2 fulls days and simply pack. I find that doing it here and there for 2 weeks can feel incredibly overwhelming. I think tackling all of the packing over 2 - 3 days is best. Get it done and check it off your list!

5) Label all of your boxes. Trust me, this is worth the little time it takes to do. The move will feel better and you will feel more in control.

6) Once all your stuff is in your new place, make your bed. It's easy to do and will make you not only feel like you are home in your new home but that you are making progress in unpacking.



Thanks to Blogger for putting me in their BLOGS OF NOTE list!

Favorite Foods

Bread. Butter. Wine. Cupcakes. Need I say more?

Enjoy your weekend!

Big Pieces in Small Spaces

Don't be afraid to try a larger scale piece in a smaller space. Of course a huge sectional couch in a small apartment probably won't work but this gorgeous, modern chair could be a great compliment to your small home. Love the clean lines yet comfortable vibe from this Palms 1 chair.

A small space placement tip from another page of the SMALL SPACE DWELLER HANDBOOK - layer this chair to create dimension and a home for it without disrupting your design footprint.



We are moving to a bigger space - about 450 sq ft bigger - and can't wait! While I have loved living in this small space, the two of us need a bit more space to stretch our legs and our stuff. In just a few weeks, we'll have...
  • 2 bedrooms (Yeah! A dedicated office/guestroom)
  • 1 bathroom (that's not in our master room)
  • Formal dining room (yes, a room special for dining! of course I am sure that we will still be eating on the couch in front of the tv)
  • A laundry room (yes, a real room for a washer and dryer)
  • A backyard (yes, a place to put a bbq!)
  • Hardwood floors (words can't describe but this smiley face can :)
Pics of the new place to follow in a few weeks. As of now, packing and sofa bed shopping are in my near future! And here's a little montage of what I am thinking for the main room. The zebra ottomans will find a new home in the guestroom. Any ideas from you lovely LLS readers would be great too!

Check In Tomorrow For My Not So Small News

Okay all of you lovely LLS readers - please check back in tomorrow for some not so small news from me. Yea! Excited! Happy! Love it!

Welcome Yourself Home

A small space tip - create a real entryway or a welcome area for yourself when you walk in the door. This space is where you can throw your keys, mail, bag, anything that you will need to find the next morning for when your day starts again. Try to keep it organized and happy! I use a tray to help define the area for where my things go. I added my favorite candle, a cute pic, a little plant and the current book I am reading. This space welcomes me every day I come home. Love it!



I've recently gotten inquiries about my sofa. It's the IKEA Kramfor sofa in dark gray. If you are looking for an affordable mid-century-ish sofa, check it out here!


SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: West Elm's Floor Tripod Lamp

After months of reading in a not so bright family room, I finally purchased an awesome lamp for the space next to our couch. Loving the West Elm Tripod lamp! It's such a simple yet chic design and the light reflection is perfect for our small space!


I've been watching Top Design all season and got to see one of my favorite mirrored headboards (posted in June) in person. Well, in person on TV but actually in a a room vs. a picture. I love the look of Ondine's and it came out beautifully. I see a very hard DIY in my future......



Over the weekend we picked out some fabric ideas for our little reupholstering project. We are loving our new gray wall and may be leaning towards the the two-tone wool fabric. It feels a little Hermes to us.

Resourceful Transformation

I made the time this weekend to make the changes to my home that I had been thinking about for a while. I re-did 2 rooms for under $150. The red wall in the main room is now a pretty pewter gray and our bathroom has stripes and a new light fixture. I am thrilled with the result!! Our small space actually feels bigger all around!

The main room...
I taped off the wall and then did a coat of gray based primer. This little trick helped cover the bold red hue. We wanted to use eco-friendly paint with a decent price tag so we decided to try Home Depot's FreshAire line in Nauralist Gray. The paint went on smooth, barely smelled and it washed off my hands easily. At first I wasn't sure how the gray wall would feel with our gray couch but it really works! The paint, although a lighter tone, really pops and the art gallery feels brighter.

The bathroom....
In all honesty, this room has always been a tough one to design. It's small, narrow and there's not much storage. I decided to use my favorite accent look - stripes - to create vertical depth. I used Naturalist Gray and Salmon Stone, a lighter value and love how it turned out. And I finally bought the Tord Boontje Midsummer shade and am so so happy! I hung the mirror we had in our bedroom in the bathroom. With all of these little changes, the space simply has opened up and really feels bigger! (I still don't have much storage though...hmmm, that will be for another day!)

When living small, making and taking the time to do changes, literately, will make you feel better. And you don't have to spend a lot of cash to do it. Be resourceful in your ideas and don't be afraid to go for it! One weekend of creative work will last for years...