Mix & Match Colorful Patterns

I have posted many times about using tons of color in small spaces. It may seem like it would be overwhelming but small spaces can handle color + mixing patterns. In fact, it can add dimension and depth to a space. Loving this pretty gift wrap and ribbon combo. This is a great a example of using color + patterns together.


LOVING EATING SMALL: Personalize Your Wine

If your wine storage doubles as a display in your small space, personalize it by creating your own wine labels that coordinate with your decor. I spotted this neat project over at Mint and love the rustic yet colorful vibe to these wine bottles. And if your not in the mood for a little DIY, stores like this and this carry a huge variety of affordable wine with colorful labels to choose from.


SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Colorful Coasters Add Detail

Loving these oh so pretty and colorful coasters over at Rock Scissor Paper. This affordable and functional home accent is a great way to add color to your small space. Here are just a few of my favorites!



One of my fave sites listed LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. in their fabulous holiday reading guide. Thanks, Desire To Inspire!


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Window Seat

I have been bookmarking interior designer sites and - oh la la - do they offer amazing color + texture + design inspiration at a moment's notice. I was looking through some of the links and was reunited with Summer Thornton Design. Aside from the amazing citrus colors lingering in all of the photos, this fabulous window seat caught my eye! What a cool way to use this sometimes question mark alcove space? Not only is this a functional small space option but it looks amazing! This is going in my DREAM HOUSE FILE.


DESIGN INSPIRATION: Lighting via Tord Boontje

I absolutely love Tord Boontje! His fabulous design and understanding of space + texture + emotion is fresh and appealing. I especially am drawn to his lighting design. Above are just a few of Tord's design collection, including my favorite Midsummer Light. Tord is a true design inspiration for any space!


24 HRS IN ROME: Retro Interior Shop 12:15pm

I discovered the sweetest little shorts on H & M's website and love love love them! Described as City Guides, these 5 minute movies take you through 24 hours in Rome, London and Australia while highlighting each cities unique culture, shops, food and landmarks. I appreciate the various places showcased - some are well known while others are hidden gems. I also like how the movie fills the entire screen versus a small quicktime. There is a ton of inspiration to be gathered here for your small space. Even the hours when we see a gorgeous park or a swanky lounge can inspire. The colors + style + vibe can instantly spark a design idea. And you can even download the addresses of each destination so you can check the out yourself - love that! Above are a few pictures from a home design shop in Rome. Click here to check out all three films.


SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Silhouette Mobile

Loving this silhouette mobile via Rare Device for just $50. This would look fabulous in a small space - I am thinking - against a gray painted accent wall?



Walnut has launched a new wallpaper line, Madison + Grow. I love the muted colors and simple designs. Per Walnut's site, the line would look...."fresh in a craftsman bungalow as it would in a mid-century modern home. The designer of the line is L.A. artist Teresa Grow, who previously worked as a designer color consultant. Needless to say, this line is expertly colored from beautiful teals to stylish peridot greens. The deft use of color paired with crisp patterns, create a wallpaper line that is rooted in tradition, but thoroughly modern." Love it!



I spotted these gorgeous chandeliers featured at House Beautiful and oh la la are they pretty! Although insanely expensive, I do some some fabulous potential DIY projects. Click here to check out methods for creating your own lighting. Borrow colors + textures from these pretty light fixtures for your own small space. A ceiling accent - like a chandelier - can create vertical depth on your small space.


SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Jonathan Adler's Nixon Throw

Absolutely love the graphic nature of this comfy throw that's available in a range of colors! Although a bit pricey, it is a fabulous accent in a small space.


Loving Grace's recent few postings of affordable gift ideas. If you are looking to get a great gift for under $100, $50 or even $25 then you are in luck as Grace has rounded up some fabulous ideas! There are tons of products for the home too so click here to check out her sweet guides. I personally love the Bloggers' guide since a) I want a beach cruiser and b) I enjoy a lot of the artists that she features.



Ok, lovely readers, I am a day away from our move and am still packing things up. (In fact our movers came today (yikes) by mistake! They are coming back tomorrow morn but it just goes to show that things, well, just happen) I was fortunate to be able take a few days off work and we are doing all of our packing today. I took a few pics of the new space. The top is the building exterior. We are the bottom unit and have lovely bay windows now! (yea, a little alcove area). And you can see that I already painted the cute dining room the same gray I used in the old unit. While I am excited about our move to a bit more space, I am most happy that we will be able to use all of our existing furniture and decor. It's pretty amazing how a 1 bdrm can easily fill a 2 bdrm space!? The only outstanding things we need are a large rug for the main room, a new coffee table for the main room, a sofa bed for the guest room and a kitchen island type thing. Other then that, we have what we need. I will definitely be posting about how to continue small space solutions in slightly bigger space. What applies to 600 sq feet can definitely apply to over a 1000 sq ft. More to come...

Spice Rack

How cute is this spice rack via Dean & Deluca? The compact spice tubes and silver holder makes this a great addition to your small space.

READ THIS: Todd Oldham's "Place Space"

I had the pleasure of chatting with Todd Oldham a few weeks ago, which you can check out in a few days on Apartment Therapy. In the meantime, you must pick up his fabulous Place Space collection of books. Per his blog, "Place Space by Todd Oldham is an innovative new design series that explores brilliant, singular places and the uncommonly devoted people that create them. Inspired by the playful, whirlwind life of periodicals and the cultured, calm, defined status of books -- Place Space offers to compliment the two while existing between the boundaries." This collection could be a great gift for any small space dweller this holiday season!

SMALL SPACE D.I.Y.: Frame A Favorite Wallpaper

One of my favorite, affordable and easy DIY projects is simply framing wallpaper (digital or paper) to create a gallery in your small space. I spotted this free downloadble kitschy wallpaper of mailboxes, pigeons and trashcans straight out of NYC via Kate Spade and love it! This may be making an appearance in my new home soon! Click here to download it for yourself!


CLEVER: Papaver Vert Vases

I always enjoy checking out Rose & Radish's fabulous collection of wares. I recently spotted these oh so clever and colorful felt vases by Papaver Vert. Loving the texture and color combinations. I definitely will be adding the bud vases to my holiday list.

Plantation Shutters

I snapped this picture a few weeks ago of a restaurant in Santa Monica. Loving the plantation style shutters and wonder how they would look with my modern barnhouse that I am slowly creating? I also love the pretty flowers too!


READ THIS: Living Large In Small Spaces

I have a ton of small space books and enjoy flipping through them for inspiration. One of my faves - Living Large In Small Spaces. The cool thing about this book is that it showcases styles of living in space from 100 sq ft up to 1000 sq ft. There's something small for everyone!



While I typically feature artists, designers, fashion and shoppes in the DESIGN INSPIRATION category, I believe the foundation for all of these amazing creations is color. The best thing about color is that there really are no specific rules - what works for you...simply works! Of course there are some wonderful guidelines you can follow when using color and small spaces come alive with color. They add depth, create layers and create an impact in the space. Click here to check out more articles about using color in small spaces and how warm and cool colors work and benefit a small space.


Although we still have 31 days til the new year, I am getting ready with Delphine's compact letterpress 2009 calendar. I love the simple design + colors! I am thinking of placing mine in a large frame and hanging it in the art gallery I'll be creating in the new apartment. Check out my right column to find other great print shoppes offering fabulous calendars to help welcome 2009!