While I love introducing large scale pieces in smaller spaces, don't overlook the small scaled accents too. I love how this simple bud vase and small buddha make a statement on this mantle.

SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Dorogaya Calendar Magnets

I recently came across the neat Doroyaga Magnetic Calendar set and thought it was perfect for small space dwellers. The sweetest calender, fun color palette and, of course, the ability to secure things to your fridge! My fave - the martini glass one! (via At Home)


MY NEW GIG...Writer for Apartment Therapy LA

Just a note that now you can also find me at Apartment Therapy Los Angeles! I am thrilled to be a new member of the AT:LA team and hope you all jump over here to check out the site!



While I love the idea of using color in my small space to help create definition and illusion of depth, why not consider using neutral colors? Check out AND BEIGE, a store that houses furniture and home decor in this simple palette. Wow - so many pieces, so many ways to design your space! I love the feel of texture that these pieces create when grouped together.



Another wonderful "Double Take" post from Bandelle's blog featuring stylish show, Cashmere Mafia. Love the showcase of style and chic design, especially the rich colors in both home design and wardrobe make this double take a perfect piece of inspiration. Check out more Bandelle's posts here.


USING YOUR WALLS: Curtain-turned-headboard

Another cool headboard idea - use a curtain. This is quite an easy, affordable and neat way to create a headboard and focal point in your bedroom. And, of course, whatever color palette suits you is the way to go! (via Domino)


PICTURE THIS: Vintage magazine covers

One of my fave blogs, Bandelle, did a neat post about framing vintage magazine covers as art and noting how they really work with every design style. I have a large VOGUE reprint in my home that I picked up years ago and it's been in almost every one of my rooms with every style. Check it out here and a fab mural here.


SMALL SPACE ACCENT: Bowls of fruit

Showcasing beautiful summer fruits is simple and affordable way to add color to your small space. Literately you can eat the fruits of your (easy) labor!


Wood Slated Walls

Yes, I will be adding this photo of a gorgeous horizontal wood paneled wall / headboard / stunning accent to my "design I want in my dream house" file! (via Desire To Inspire)

SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Vintage or just old?

Most of us non-home owners have things in our small space that we wouldn't classify as modern but rather from another era. Would you describe these accents as vintage, or just plain old? It's all in your perspective! So keep on working with those "vintage" extras that come with your space and design away!

Vintage classics top : bottom
Slated window with no insulation, tiled bathroom floor, huge wall heater

CLEVER: Using soft luggage as a side table

I love the idea of using vintage luggage as furniture. Simply take some wooden boards and a tray to create a structure for the pieces. Such a rustic yet elegant way to showcase amazing pieces that may otherwise be stored in your closet. (House Beatutiful 7/2008)

SMALL SPACE D.I.Y.: Silhouette Walls spotlights Ashley's creative and eye-catching D.I.Y. that's perfect for an accent wall. Click here to see how to create this in your own small space. Love those silhouettes!



My boyfriend turned me on to the insightful and resourceful author, Sarah Susanka, who has penned the series, The Not So Big House. Her inspiration came from "a growing awareness that new houses were getting bigger and bigger but with little redeeming design merit. The problem is that comfort has almost nothing to do with how big a space is. It is attained, rather, by tailoring our houses to fit the way we really live, and to the scale and proportions of our human form."

I love her perspective - living healthy for you is what makes sense! Make your house your home and enjoy!


This new blog says it all - I LOVE DESIGN. And their perspective is clear - presenting fresh, beautiful, and unique design items that range from cool to classic. Check out the designs for your own small space inspiration.


SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Quilted wallcoverings

I was instantly attracted to Phillip Jeffrie's Quilted Lacquered wallcoverings (via 7x7sf). Aside from the embossed aesthetic that would look great on one wall as an accent in a small space, it reminds me of the Chanel Caviar handbag I've been coveting for sometime now. :)


CLEVER: Hidden bed drawers

Incredibly functional, a bed with drawers underneath is perfect for small space dwellers. This Walnut Matera bed is one of the prettiest versions I have seen. (via California Home + Design 4/2008)

LOVING EATING SMALL: Window sill tomato plant

Since we don't have an outdoor space that can accommodate a nice little garden, we love our new Bee Fresh cherry tomato plant that we spotted at Whole Foods. Sitting perfectly on our window sill, this is a great way for us to grow tomatoes in our small space!


DESIGN INSPIRATION: Ace Hotel in Portland

I recently discovered the Ace Hotel in Portland, OR and was instantly drawn to the saturated color aesthetic, the stripped down whimsy and the green vibe. The space, itself, is not so big and they have really used it well. I love all of the communal spots and the examples of how their event space can be utilized. I always encourage using your small space in more ways then one. Be creative!


SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: Thin horizontal accent stripes

I love my friend's use of horizontal stripes in his bedroom. Like vertical stripes, this horizontal direction also creates depth of space in a small space.


LOVING / LIVING / SMALL's interview on Green Plan(t).com

If you get a chance, head over to Green Plan(t) and read my interview for the "A Tiny Home Obsession" section. Thanks to Amy for the interview and for including me with the lovely group of small space dwellers that she has already profiled.