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food that inspires color

My friends and family laugh since they know I am sure to *snap* photos of my food - or even their food - before we eat. Since I've started blogging, I've picked up photography and enjoy snapping interiors, exteriors and, yes, food. (And thank you to the NY Times for this article about it being quite a popular thing to do - I sent this to my family) Since I've started all of my Italy research, in the last few weeks, I keep bookmarking amazing restaurants and places to dine. The list is getting l-o-n-g! When I found the Baur B&B, I wanted to share it with you guys -  how gorgeous does this food look? And the rooms too - love it! I(How great is this pink wall - so pretty) I wasn't planning on going to Piemonte *but* may have to reconsider since this place looks so great and the surrounding areas do too.

:: Images via Baur Bed & Breakfast ::



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food that inspires color


Rebekah said... 1/11/2011

Love that pink wall!

samantha ramage said... 1/13/2011

i love me a good food picture! except around lunch time when i get hungry!


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