small space dweller handbook
a matter of perception & small space dwelling

Richard Galpin's art installation at NYC's High Line is about perception and viewing something from a different way. In this case, the New York cityscape {which goes from dimensional to 2-D} as you peek through the view finder.

After reading Peter's A SMALL CHAT last week, I was inspired to think about my soon-to-be small space and how I was going to make it all work. five overwhelming minutes later, I then decided to think about my small space and the perspective I live by - live small with style. Yes!! So many of us live small these days but, let's be honest, it can sometimes be...a lot. A lot of time to make the space work, a lot of editing to fit all of your near and dear things, a lot of work to infuse your personality into not a lot of square footage. Really living in a small space in both form and function is a lot of effort BUT it's also a lot of joy.

To be able to enjoy your entire home is pretty amazing, in my opinion. Every part of every room is filled with something that is relevant in both style and want and I love that. Gone are tired or useless items that have no meaning or sense. In my small space, accents and furniture represent things I love, want and care about including my grandmother's silverware, my danish credenza bought for the most amazing deal, the penny tile mirror side table I coveted and finally bought ten months later, an inspiring leaning mood board, enjoying amazing food on my couch with friends, the art gallery of destinations I have visited, flipping through my stacks of old design magazines and more. not only do they fit but they are meaningful to me. Living small is not always easy (yes, I want more then one main place to sit) but it's the design journey and end that makes it worth it.

How do you enjoy your small space? Many of you shared your fave small space tips right here. I'd love to hear some more.

:: Photos by me, Rebecca, at The High Line 2010 ::



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a matter of perception & small space dwelling


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