using your walls
hang your art to create dimension

I definitely talk a lot about using your walls on loving. living. small. because going vertical is a great way to make your small space appear bigger and to utilize all of it - yes! another idea - layering your furniture in the absence of space can make your space feel bigger too. I love the idea of using all of your walls and placing floor-to-ceiling bookcases behind a full couch. If you have a few extra feet in front of you then this look will work. So now that your shelves are there, where to put some of your art? Right there. Hang your art right on the shelves. Love this. It's looks very design savvy and you are - literally - using all of your space. 


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hang your art to create dimension


Sarah said... 9/10/2010

Great idea! I saw another blog that had pictures of art hung on window frames in between windows, which was another cool idea.

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