small space dwellers
Lyndsay & Fitzhugh via The Selby

ok loving. living. small. friends, I have yet another new series that I am introducing on the blog and it's called small space dwellers, small space solutions and tips in real homes by real people. yes! I've been wanting to do a series that curates fantastic real homes to show the small space solutions and tips - or effective ways to reinvent small spaces in both form and function, look and feel.

The first small space dweller post was spotted over at sweetly cool lifestyle design spot, The Selby. The home is of a Brooklyn-based couple. When I came across the space, I instantly felt calm and collected. The homeowners were definitely super thoughtful about their small space and created a cohesive design palette. Let's take a look at some of their small space ideas. 

Of course I love an accent wall but going the neutral palette route makes small space truly appear bigger. No competing color tones here and the room opens up wide.

One of my all-time fave small space tips is to go vertical and this couple did just that by taking advantage of their vaulted space. 

This room feels big, right?? By creating a symmetrical vibe via the bookcases and the chair layout, the room not just looks bigger but feels balanced and, therefore, comfortable.

Oh I love this small space tip. I have to believe that the couple was considerate about using straight lines in their entire design palette and - wow - does it work! Again, balance is created by repeating the straight-lined pattern starting with the wooden ceiling beams (love those), through the bookcases, to the tables and kitchen area and down to the white-washed plank floor. Lovely. 

Don't you love the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom and can you believe this is one room? Love it! By defining zones in one-room living, you are making space for your home to have a functioning layout that makes sense and feels good. And a lot of the zones play double duty or work with another. Swing a kitchen chair around to provide extra seating in the sitting area when you are entertaining.

:: Image via The Selby::



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Lyndsay & Fitzhugh via The Selby


Ashleigh Weatherill said... 6/30/2010

I just found you on the BOL discussion board. I think you just might be my new favorite small space blog. You are an ispiration, 300 SF! Wow! We occupy a whopping 980 SF in Denver, it is a struggle between a husband, 180 lbs of dog (2 dogs) and 2 cats. We are getting there though.

Love, love, love the loft space above. Thanks for sharing!


Maillardville Manor said... 6/30/2010

Great post I couldn't agree more! We've used alot of this advise in our small space!!
Thanks for the post and the picture love those dinning room chairs

loving. living. small. said... 6/30/2010

Thanks, ladies!! :)

Ashleigh, my old NYC apt from 2002 - 05 was 300 sq ft and was the initial inspiration for loving. living. small. My brand new small space is 950 - pretty big for a small space dweller like me :) So glad to have you in the LLS mix.

Ashi, i know, the chairs are fun!

Rachel Wilkerson said... 7/02/2010

Oh wow, I LOVE this space, the colors, and the tips! Thanks for sharing!

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said... 7/05/2010

LOVE that loft! (And loved seeing the additional images on the Selby) Great tips and advice! I, too, live in a small space that I both work and live in - so symmetry, "climbing" the walls, defining spaces, and a neutral palette - are all essential to making it work. Thanks for sharing!!

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