small space dweller handbook
tips for lighting design in your small space

Lighting design in small spaces? yes! Did you know that creating a neat lighting design in your home can make your small space appear bigger? Placing lights in a certain way creates balance and small spaces feel bigger when there's balance and harmony. I snapped this garden lounge during my recent NYC visit and was inspired by these silk chinese lanterns to roundup a few tips for your own small space when it comes to lighting.

1 :: Hang 'em high
Don't be afraid to hang lighting in your small space, even if your ceilings are a bit low. Creating vertical depth make small spaces bigger. If you don't have a chandelier handy, consider hanging a Tord Boontje shade.

2 :: Too many lamps can work
You don't need 10 lamps in a small space, but having more then one is a good thing for lighting balance.

3 :: Lights at varying heights
Table lamps, floor lamps, shades from the ceiling - having different height levels adds style and tone.

4 :: Soft lighting - sure
Different style lighting in your small space also creates texture and provides balance.

How do you light your small space? Check out more tips right here.

And see tons of more tips in the SMALL SPACE DWELLER HANDBOOK.


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tips for lighting design in your small space


Jen said... 6/21/2010

I love this kind of lighting... especially at weddings and parties!!

Lindsey Johnson said... 9/24/2010

Hi! I love this post, and your blog. I recently mentioned this post in my post for
Thank you for the inspiration! Please feel free to comment on mine and add anything you'd like.

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