loving eating small
a fab home cooked meal in a tiny, tiny kitchen

I am visiting my dear friend in Montauk this weekend and she hosted a great dinner party last night - including a homemade meal from two friends who also happen to be professional chefs! We were served a homemade pasta duo - stuffed ricotta & egg yolk ravioli on top of fettuccine dashed with olive oil and pepper with fresh tomatoes, black olives, garlic and walnuts. It was neat to see the chefs cook away but also how they accomplished such a great meal in the kitchen that was only 4 ft wide and 4 ft long. Stacked plates and cleaning as you go seem to be the trick and we all had a blast enjoying the food and what ended up being many bottles of wine! :)


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a fab home cooked meal in a tiny, tiny kitchen


Maillardville Manor said... 6/11/2010

That looks delicious! That kitchen is smaller then mine so I guess I don't have anymore excuses!

A BRIT GREEK said... 6/11/2010

It's early here in Greece-so haven't had brekkie yet, but the food in these piccies are making me sooooo hungry!

Awesome blog btw!

Ciao Bella

liberty said... 6/23/2010

hello from Australia

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