my new york color story
modern rose + the high line

I mentioned that I am moving into a new small space in a few weeks in Los Angeles and I have definitely found my color story - rose. Not frilly rose but a sophisticated + deep color that can anchor my space yet feel light, elegant and relaxed all wrapped up in one. In a way, I guess that's how I feel in my

How did I find this inspiration? New York.

I am loving my time here and miss this city. I loved living here and the minute-by-minute inspiration that comes with the energy here. I spent a lot of time at The High Line yesterday, a newly renovated park elevated high above the city on the old train tracks. I love that the designers kept the style in tact with wild life and architecture. I knew I'd see pretty lines, benches, flowers but I was not expecting a row of stained glass when you walk through a building to get to the built in lounges (these are so comfy even though they are wood! And they roll on the tracks - love it!) The color palette in these glass windows got me - this is it! I love the tone + style of the color story and will make efforts to include this in my new home. In a way, I am infusing my New York into my Los Angeles home.


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modern rose + the high line


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