small space diy
fake flowers that work

ok so I don't particularly like fake flowers in my small space but wouldn't mind a few of these! one of my fave design stylist + event designers, David Stark, had a neat little soiree which featured tons of paper flowers as design - love! This is a sweet little DIY for your own small space. Take your Sunday newspaper and glue it down on cardstock. Get a few templates from a craft shop and cut away. Love these little design ideas - frame your favorite card and place against a dramatic wall or make your own fabric - DIYs in small spaces add tons of style and personality.

:: Images from David Stark's Sketchbook ::


4 Responses to "small space diy
fake flowers that work


the southern hostess said... 6/01/2010

These are so cute. Love it.

Cynthia said... 6/02/2010

These might be great using other kinds of paper as well...old maps, wallpaper, wrapping paper...

Laurel said... 6/02/2010

This is DARLING! Thanks for sharing Sweets.

mandyface said... 6/03/2010

Love! Woot small space dwelling.

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