Finding The Function In A Space

This chic VOGUE Living layout, designed by Thom Filicia, features many small space tips that you can use right in your own home.

I love the entryway in picture one - stunning! Bold in style, the function here is a welcoming entryway that offers a place to put your keys, hang your coat, drop your things off after a day of work. And use all of this space - try hanging a whimsical shade to draw the eye up and add detail in every part of this small space.

Picture two is a great example of angling furniture. While the chairs featured may be too big in scale for a small space, the function is that you are maximizing all of your space and creating extra seating and dimension in your small space.

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Finding The Function In A Space


Unknown said... 11/25/2008

Wish i had a home that looked like that! :)

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said... 11/25/2008

Bonjour from Paris,

I LOVE your blog! Just discovered it and will start following as of today!

I used to live in small apartments in Paris and even though I've moved up recently, I am always looking for tips to maximize the space we have.

La Mom
An American Mom in Paris

♥Frann♥ said... 11/25/2008

nice blog

Baybay Mama said... 11/25/2008

I love the first picture so much!

Anonymous said... 11/27/2008

Very nice blog :) :) :)

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