This wooden console is elegant meets rustic at it's finest! Love it!

[Photo via Desire To Inspire]


6 Responses to "MORE CONSOLE LOVE..."

Rev. Gabrielle Michel said... 11/20/2008

Wow! I love that piece!

TxSilverhairedGranny said... 11/20/2008

Love the it an old piece or new with that rustic look? Think I may build one like it to go behind my little sofa!

laura said... 11/21/2008

love everything about this!!

Khuslen said... 11/23/2008


Anonymous said... 11/23/2008

that's so nice looking! i love it!

Melissa w/ Soul Mates Photography said... 11/25/2008

I love this!! I am so glad I found you blog... thanks for sharing all this info.

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