SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: West Elm's Floor Tripod Lamp

After months of reading in a not so bright family room, I finally purchased an awesome lamp for the space next to our couch. Loving the West Elm Tripod lamp! It's such a simple yet chic design and the light reflection is perfect for our small space!


3 Responses to "SMALL SPACE ACCENTS: West Elm's Floor Tripod Lamp"

Pixie said... 11/10/2008

I am loving that grey wall color! I would love to paint my place but it's a rental. :(

Anonymous said... 11/12/2008

i just started reading and I'm wondering where your sofa is it!

Ambie said... 11/18/2008

omg! i know you are moving, but...i love your small place! the colors, the decor, the details. lovely!

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