After wrapping a 4-week long challenging project at work this week, I am ready to enjoy a relaxing and dreamy weekend in sunny Los Angeles. Have a fabulous weekend!

[Photo via Bloom, Grow, Love]


9 Responses to "DREAMY WEEKEND"

Kelly Jeanette Swift said... 11/21/2008

You have a nice blog, very inspiring. Thanks for the idea about the dream house file. Never thought of doing that. Have a lovely weekend. It's snowy here.

Aniruddhan said... 11/22/2008

Awesome blog ! Thats why it's become a blog of note!

jesse said... 11/22/2008

Wow, I love your pictures. They're simply stunning!

Dylan said... 11/22/2008

Great picture. When i look at it, i think of freedom..

corina said... 11/23/2008

A well designed blog...congratulations

Anonymous said... 11/23/2008

Seen that blogspot had you on the famous "Blogs of Note". Figured I'd say hi!

Anonymous said... 11/23/2008

Above picture is Nice... it's nature...

BTW... Your home decoration interior ideas is a Great ideas.

I'll take some from my home :)


Emelie Pettersson said... 11/24/2008

Nice! ;)

Hilaria Galleries said... 11/24/2008

I saw that pic on the Bloom, Grow, Love blog. you have a great eye! congrats on being a blog of note--I LOVE the challenge of designing for small spaces and will check back often for your tips...

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