Thanks to Blogger for putting me in their BLOGS OF NOTE list!


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#$%^& said... 11/17/2008

Hello there,

Thank you so much! I have waited a long time to encounter a wickedly fabulous website such as yours. I am happy I found it on Blogs of Note. I am one of the many that love living in small spaces.

shubhra said... 11/17/2008

hey...really nice work...keep it up...t.c :)

Anonymous said... 11/17/2008

That wine looks delicious!

Jan said... 11/17/2008

That's where I found you, and I'm happy that I did!

Graphic Artist Susan said... 11/17/2008

Great blog, nice work!!

Sujata said... 11/17/2008

Great blog

Lisa said... 11/17/2008

Love your site. I have 350 s.f. - it can be done!

rachee said... 11/17/2008

everything is soooooo cute!!! Beautiful, and full of ideas!

Inkpot said... 11/17/2008

Congrats on being a blog of note! :)

Me in Memphis said... 11/17/2008

I am so excited to see another "small space style" blog!! Congrats!

Robert Girandola said... 11/17/2008

Congratulations - very interesting blog concept - well done.

loving. living. small. said... 11/18/2008

THANK YOU for all of the lovely comments and hope to see you back on LLS! :) Rebecca

Michael Richards said... 11/18/2008

Well done on getting on Blogs of Note. It surely is something we all aspire to! :-)

Trade2win said... 11/23/2008

I would like to Congratulat you on a well earned Blog of note,yes a lot of hard work but well earned


La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said... 11/25/2008

This is how I found you.
How did you manage to get Blogger to pick up your blog?
(I would love the same for mine.
Nice to meet you. Love the look and feel of your blog!

loving. living. small. said... 11/25/2008

La Mom - Thanks for checking out LLS! It was a total surprise to see that Blogger featured me on their list of blogs. It seems like they randomly pick them. Being listed has brought me wonderful new readers, like yourself, that I hope stay with me and enjoy LLS. I would love to see your before Paris pad and your current one. Email me and let me know the small space tips you are using in your new home! Best, Rebecca :)

Brigid said... 11/25/2008

Love your site and enjoyed your comments and ideas.

Anonymous said... 11/27/2008

i also like decorating small places, but what I really like having in my house is a garden pavillion where I can relax and read a really good book.

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