BE YOUR OWN INSPIRATION: Updated art gallery

I had mentioned a few posts ago that I had been wanting to update my b/w art gallery. Well, I finally did over the weekend. I decided to go all color on this one and am loving it! Using personal pictures in your home is a meaningful way to create art. Now every time I walk by my art gallery, it will remind of some amazing memories.



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Anonymous said... 6/20/2008

Are these just photos collaged together? Or did you put them together digitally and then have one poster printed?

loving. living. small. said... 6/20/2008

They are individual pics that I had printed through Snapfish and then I taped them to the frames. Those are from IKEA. The whole project was super affordable - about $65.

Part-Time Therapy said... 6/21/2008

That is a great idea. I was actually thinking of putting black and white pictures on my brick wall above my settee but I think you might have changed my mind. Stay tuned at to see what it looks like.

Emily Homer said... 7/03/2008

i love this! i recently went to London and have been looking for a way to display a lot of pictures at once...I could never decide on just one or two to put up!

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