Welcome Yourself Home

A small space tip - create a real entryway or a welcome area for yourself when you walk in the door. This space is where you can throw your keys, mail, bag, anything that you will need to find the next morning for when your day starts again. Try to keep it organized and happy! I use a tray to help define the area for where my things go. I added my favorite candle, a cute pic, a little plant and the current book I am reading. This space welcomes me every day I come home. Love it!



Welcome Yourself Home


Finnie Family said... 11/17/2008

I'm just one of many who found your blog through 'Blogs of Note'. Have to say, yours is worthy of the title and I thought this particular post was great! For the first time in our lives we're actually in a big house, but even so, htere are still nuggets such as this which will work. currently my two bikes clutter up the entrance, but you're inspiring me to use the space better. Hopefully I'll be able to make some changes over the coming months and please my better half. Maybe I'll email you the before & after.



loving. living. small. said... 11/17/2008

Thanks, Dean! And, yes, definitely try to make this space organized, comfortable and welcoming. It's the what you see when you leave to encounter your day and it welcomes you home after a hard day at work so anything you can do to relax as you walk in the door is a good thing. Please email me pics to see your transformation! Good luck!

Inkpot said... 11/17/2008

What a lovely photo and such a good idea. I currently live in a small space in a big house. I am pretty good at fitting quite a lot of stuff into a small area and making it look ok, but when you don't have much room you really have to keep organised or it gets cluttered, as I'm sure you know.

Unknown said... 11/26/2008

Same as Dean, I found your blog through "blogs of note". I am glad I did click into this blog. Your ideas are great and I especially like this one as we recently moved in a smaller place. With your idea here, I will able to make some changes later on. Thanks a lot for sharing!!


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