Loving these vintage bound books side by side with an ikat patterned planter! Do something like this in your own small space! [Photo via Flickr's AphroChic]



9 Responses to "MORE MIXING IT UP"

All These Pretty Things said... 11/20/2008

I love your blog! So many great links too.

Anonymous said... 11/20/2008

I love your Blog. So many great links too!

Anna said... 11/20/2008

Wish I would've seen this in May! My husband and I just lived in a small hotel room for six months-it was only temp.. but this would have made things cuter!

DogsDeserveFreedom said... 11/20/2008

congrats on being selected for a blogs-of-note!


OurWanderingAdventures said... 11/20/2008

what a neat idea!!

Baybay Mama said... 11/20/2008

I love this site! I am so glad I cam across it!

One frame at a Time said... 11/21/2008

thank you for such great tips. Luv your blg

Emelie Pettersson said... 11/24/2008

I love all your photos!

Anonymous said... 11/24/2008

Great. Great Blog. Thanks

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