CB2's Sol Console Table

With the new apartment, I have an opportunity to float my furniture in the room vs. placing all of the pieces up against the wall. One new piece of furniture that I will be purchasing is a console table to go behind the couch. I am loving CB2's Sol console table. The bright yellow color and simple lines will really compliment our gray couch and add a pop of color in our more neutral palette.


5 Responses to "CB2's Sol Console Table"

wheatgerm said... 11/18/2008

neat blog

Mary said... 11/19/2008

just found your blog thanks to "blogs of note" and LOVE LOVE IT. way too much to absorb in one sitting but will be so happy to follow your adventures
thank you for more inspiration - I need the SoCal fix

Rick Rosenshein said... 11/19/2008

Great blog and beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work.

Vin Santo said... 11/19/2008

Hello, your blog is so good. Very inspiring.

Katie said... 11/21/2008

Crate and Barrel is the best!

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