how to pull small details together in one simple way

:: here's my tray of little gems on my desk ::

I often talk about how impactful small details can be in small spaces. Many of us have personal gems and family heirlooms that we want to showcase in our spaces but sometimes it can be overwhelming - how to do this in a balanced and cohesive manner without feeling overwhelmed?

My fave tip - trays.

There are so many great options out there these days from a simple wooden style to a designed acrylic design, trays give you the platform to highlight your favorite little things. I recently picked up this Ikea tray for $3 - how cute? I love the gray and white stripes and placed it on my home office desk to hold some of my little items. By doing this, I feel that I have created a collection of items that feel comfortable in the space.

On my tray I have some letterpress letters spelling out my rescue puppy's name that I found at my local flea market (every Sunday 2 blocks away - don't you love city living?!), rose gold beaded coasters (these are amazing in person and the whole set was $19!), handmade wooden gems from an up and coming designer (more to come...), my fave flat vase, pics of my parents at 21 and my personalized paperweight that I made. The cool thing - I use all of things separately of the *collection* so what I've done is actually find storage for these items - not bad, huh? :) How do you showcase your favorite {small} goodies?



8 Responses to "how to pull small details together in one simple way"

maizie clarke said... 1/06/2011

I love this tip, great for visual impact in a small space AND organization!

-Chic Done Cheap

Holly said... 1/06/2011

such a cute idea!

Courtney @ Pizzazzerie said... 1/06/2011

Love stripes!

Unknown said... 1/06/2011

Such a cute tray! And I love your coasters!!

loving. living. small. said... 1/06/2011

the coasters are really pretty - rose gold beads? love them! :)

Unknown said... 1/06/2011

cute! I have that tray too—perfect for so many things! and those gems are very cool.

May Brady said... 1/07/2011

Gorgeous pics!

We've just started using little trays around the house and they're so handy.

leni said... 1/07/2011

that tray is gorgeous and so cheap! what a find!!

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