using your walls
add texture to create a design vibe

one of my all time favorite apartment details (i've lived in, oh, 8 or so apartments in the last 12 years) has been my exposed brick wall in my 300 square foot Soho studio. Oh la la - did I love this wall and it inspired this blog. Since then, I've found comfort and design love in wall accents and textures, ranging from paint to brick to wallpaper (temporary for renters) to molding. I think adding texture to a wall in a small space is a great way to personalize your design style and to add visually dimension.

When I spotted this very cool textured wood wall, I wanted to share it with you. How cool would this be on one wall in a small space? Love it and the white framed glass too. Like this pink dotted wall (seriously - love) to temporary wallpaper to making your own brick wall, adding texture to your walls can really make a room. 

By the way, renters can do this trick. Just throw up some plywood first to cover the wall and then go for it! This works for just about any wall cover. When you are ready to move out, undrill the plywood and your white wall will be in tact - just the way it was when you moved in. 

:: Photos snapped by me at the very fab Rolling Greens nursery ::



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add texture to create a design vibe


Josephine Tale Peddler said... 7/29/2010

I love exposed brick walls. In our small terrace we exposed a feature wall in our loungeroom. It instantly added character and charm to the room. xx

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