reading up on small spaces | magazine style

as I've been moving in today (and unpacking, oh, 30 or so boxes), I uncovered my stash of design magazines - yay! I sat down for a bit and flipped through some to definitely relax in my new space for a bit and to check back in about what some of my fave design mags. I definitely confirmed my love of small spaces after seeing other people go through the same creative challenges that I am. Do you read back through old design mags for "now" inspiration?



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Unknown said... 7/08/2010

I did until I recycled them all. Now I go to the book store or library (even better I look online) for great inspiration.

:) Laura

Anonymous said... 7/10/2010

I collect a magazine for 12 months and then at the end, I go through and tear out my favourite pictures and articles for my inspiration binder and recycle the rest. I do the same with IKEA catalogs and my inspiration folder on my desktop.

rae :] said... 7/11/2010

i definitely do. definitely with ikea catalogs, as well as my cherished stash of domino's, which will never, ever be recycled. ever.

loving. living. small. said... 7/11/2010

rae, I have almost every issue of domino saved too. fun!

laura said... 7/11/2010

i'm selective about what i keep, but i do keep a number of past issues of magazines that i grab now and then when going on the train, doing laundry or specifically 'looking' for inspiration. good design never goes out of style...

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