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I love a good trend not because it's literally trendy but because the item is usually super fun, stylish and a fun accent in a small space. And for me, if I love something - trendy or not - I go for it! (Check out more of what I have to say about this via  I have always loved the aviary motif, mostly for the abstract styles and colors that designers seem to come up with. Stemming from this, I also love the look of birdcages - rustic and cool. 

My new small apt is in a great location and one of the shops that I can walk to is Rolling Greens, a very cool nursery with an eclectic, soft edge. I walked over there the other day and fell in love with the tones and textures of the space itself. I spotted tons of goodies that I'll share soon but wanted to show these pretty birdcages. Such cool accents of all different styles. Plus you can change up the contents of the cage as your design whimsy changes - love that!


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trend item | birdcages


Jen said... 7/19/2010

How'd you know I have a thing for birdcages?? I LOVE these!!


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said... 7/19/2010

I want a bird cage!!!

Josephine Tale Peddler said... 7/19/2010

Thank you for this post. I have an old birdcage in the backyard that i keep meaning to do something with. My daughter was playing with it and there was a redback spider down the bottom (horror) And so I had best use it before the entire redback family move in. xx

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said... 7/20/2010

Birdcages -- I like it. I bet I can find some antique ones at one of the Paris flea markets. Thanks for the tip!

La Mom
An American Mom in Paris

Rebecca | loving. living. small. said... 7/20/2010

yes, I love antique ones. I am sure a Parisian flea is amazing! Tons of gems there. I want to go... :)

dining room table said... 7/20/2010

Wow I have never seen so many bird cages like that. Are those for sale? I think I need to buy new bird cage. My birds is duplicating almost every 5 months.

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