SMALL SPACE D.I.Y.: Make your own brick wall

I fell in love with my first small space because of a brick wall. I had just moved to NYC and the moment I walked into the 325 sq ft apt, I felt at home. There's just something about the brick wall - rustic, hip, real.

And there's an easy and pretty affordable way to recreate this look in your own home, even if you are a renter. Also, for all small space dwellers, this project can go even faster since you have less space to cover.

Here's how...
  • Simply measure the wall(s) you want to cover. Any local hardware/home store will have thin brick veneers in a range of colors and widths. Buy the correct sq footage.
  • Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes. Buy inexpensive particle board, a trowel and a package of Thin Set.
  • Once home, measure and nail the particle board to the wall (this is for those renters out there - makes it easy to take down the brick wall when you move out).
  • Mix the Thin Set and start spreading on the mortar-like mixture to the wall and begin placing the bricks.

In no time, you'll created your very own brick wall. Check out this posting on Curbly to see this project in action.



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