design inspiration:
old family photos

I am loving this photo that my older brother (by ten years) sent me of an old family slide. How fab is this artwork? (and my bro as a tyke) Seeing this photo reminded me that there is tons of design inspiration to be found right in your family home! Check out old photos to see design trends, patterns and styles from different decades. You'd be surprised at how influenced your style may have been by your own family home. Yes!

How has your style been influence by your family design love?



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old family photos


Makeminemidcentury said... 7/12/2010

I love this image. My whole blog is based on the influence of my childhood and the design of the era! Beautiful photograph!

loving. living. small. said... 7/12/2010

I know - i love it too! I actually hadn't seen this one before in our boxes of 30 family slides. We need to go through all of them and transfer them to digital.

laurenne said... 10/19/2010

Aw! There it is. I just saw that in person. Feeling really cool right now.
Plaid pants.

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