a small move
new beginnings and an open road

:: CA Highway 5 snapped by me on a recent drive down to So Cal ::

hi all, thanks for joining me during my own a small move, my new series about my move back to los angeles and setting up me new small space. I am hitting the open road today and heading down to southern california. these pretty photos really represents how I am feeling - excited and relaxed. It's been a life changing 18 months and I look forward to settling into my new home with an open mind. a lot of small space dwelling takes thought and editing and I feel like I've done just this in my personal life last year. It's fitting that I am making my move right now because last June I was closing a door. this month is my "new year".

I look forward to having my first dedicated office (of course it will be in what should be the dining room but there are no rules in small space dwelling), using chalkboard paint, hanging my new sphere chandelier that I discovered in Chinatown NYC and hanging my brand new headboard that I made last weekend. Of course entertaining friends and simple enjoying my space around my coffee table - no dining table in my home (there's no room!)


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new beginnings and an open road


Sherry Goodloe said... 7/07/2010

My "office" is in what should be my dining room as well! I've been looking and looking for a small space dining set to put in my living room that can serve as a space to sit down at a table and eat, play cards, or do some arts & crafts. Am I wanting too much? :)

Welcome to So Cal! I live out in The O.C.

Anonymous said... 7/07/2010

I can't wait to see the headboard! I want to try to make one too and am inspired by your efforts.
Good luck with everything!,
emefem (me on twitter)

Amy Nicole said... 7/08/2010

Good luck with the move! I can't wait to see what you make of your space. I also just moved to L.A. and into my very first studio, so I can relate to the challenges!

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said... 7/09/2010

Welcome (back?) to SoCal! Hope the move goes smoothly! I'll be following in your footsteps in reverse a year or so from now, and I'm sure I'll have to downsize from our current 998 square feet into something much cozier. I am not looking forward to that part! :-)

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