a small move
custom curtains personalize a small space

I am a few weeks into my new space and am loving it! Boxes are unpacked and things are coming together. I would say that 90% of my things from my last place fit right into my new home. I actually have more space so need to get a few more things. I've used my pretty white curtains again (a little ironing does wonders!) but needed to find something for the 2 kitchen windows - one over the sink and one larger window next to the fridge. Finding curtains that fit and had my style was next to impossible so I decided to make my own and definitely encourage all of you small space dwellers to do the same. 

Last year I was gifted some gorgeous Marimekko fabric from the very cool online shop, Finn Style. My initial idea was to recover my Plycraft lounger but decided to wait and use it from another project. Making my own curtains was the perfect idea.  A few hours of time and the assistance of good friend Abby (who rocks a sewing machine), my new curtains are fab and making them myself feels good - and that's what small space dwelling is about. Surrounding yourself by things that look good but make you feel even better.



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custom curtains personalize a small space


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said... 7/18/2010

The curtains are so cute! Glad that you are settling in nicely! = )

the southern hostess said... 7/18/2010

They look great!

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